Taras Pronchuk (08.06.1997 – 02.16.2017)

Taraschuk (a code name “Liudoiid”) was born on August 6, 1997, in the village of Khotyn, Rivne Raion, Rivne Oblast. From the 5th to 9th forms, he studied at Gorodok Comprehensive School. Then he entered Rivne Technical School of the National University of Water and Environmental Management, which he finished in 2015 obtaining the qualification of an electric and gas welder.

Taras was drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine in November 2015. The senior seaman served as a machine gunner in the Battalion of the Naval Infantry.

On February 16, 2017, Taras Pronchuk died from an enemy’s bullet in the Zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts performing combat missions on the protection of independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. He left a mother and three brothers.

Taras was buried in the village of Khotyn, Rivne Raion.

According to the Presidential Executive Order №104/2017 on April 10, 2017, a junior sergeant Taras Pronchuk was posthumously decorated with the Third Class Order For Bravery “for personal courage demonstrated in the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and the self-sacrificing performance of the military service”.… Читати далі

Andrii Melnyk (12.03.1979 – 01.29.2015)

Мельник Андрій Іванович ( 3.12.1979 – 29.01.2015)

Andrii Melnyk was born on December 3, 1979, in the village of Oleksandriia in a family of workers. He had an older brother and a sister. Andrii was growing up as a sociable and non-confrontational boy. From 1986 to 1997, he was studying in Oleksandriia Comprehensive School.  Before joining the army, he worked as a tractor driver at a local collective farm. After serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andrii worked in different spheres of production. He got married and had a daughter. On September 28, 2014, Andrii was mobilized into the Armed Forces.

In the Zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation Andrii held the rank of a senior sergeant. Moreover, he was a driver mechanic of the 13th Mechanized Infantry Battalion in the 1st Tank Brigade (previously the 13th Battalion of Territory Protection (BTP) Chernihiv – 1). His old tank, which had no interior communication, Andrii named “Maliusinkyi” (“Tiny”). The comrades called Andrii “The American” because of his military uniform from the USA.… Читати далі

Oleksandr Boiko (15.01.1977 – 12.02.2015)

Boyko Oleksandr V. was born on January 15, 1977 in the village of Klevan, Rivne region in the family of workers. He graduated from Klevan secondary school #2. Since childhood he was interested in technology and photography.

He worked at the following enterprises: Klevan Woodworking plant, Zorya Greenhouses, State Forestry and TOV “Color S.I.M”. He worked as a specialist of measuring instruments and automation.

He was mobilized to the UAF in August 2014. He served in the 93rd Brigade. Sergeant, the senior gunner of the 4th mortar crew of mortar batteries.

On February 12, 2015, during a mortar shelling by illegal armed forces near the village of Vodyane, Yasinuvatsky district in Donetsk region, he received a fragmented wound and died. The hero’s wife, son and daughter now have to live without him.

On 18 February he was buried in the local cemetery of his native village.

By Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 282/2015 of May 23, 2015, “For personal courage and high professionalism, revealed in the protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to military oath,” Oleksandr Boiko was awarded the Order “For Courage” of the III degree (posthumously).… Читати далі

Nechyporuk Andrii D. (02.18.1981-05.22.2014)

Andrii Nechyporuk was born on February 18, 1981, in the village of Ridkiv, Radyvyliv Raion, Rivne Oblast. From 1987 to 1996, he studied at Ridkiv Comprehensive School. He received secondary education in Radyvyliv Comprehensive School.

Raion Military Registration and Enlistment Office sent Andrii to study at Kozyn Motor Transport School. Shortly afterward, he finished Training Center of Rivne Oblast Council and obtained the qualification of gas facilities fitter. From June 9, 1999, Andrii served at Cherkasy Military Base and in November of the same year, he was sent to Kotovsk Military Base in Odesa Oblast – to the detached unit of special operations #2196 B3.

After demobilization in November 2000, Andrii worked as a security guard at the Publicly Traded Company “Azot”. From 2001, he lived in the city of Rivne.

In 2010, Andrii moved from Rivne to the village of Bronnyky, Rivne Raion, where he began building a house and managing his household.

On April 11, 2014, he volunteered for military service in the Zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO).… Читати далі