Черняк Ігор Васильович
(2.08.1980 – 18.07. 2014)

Ihor Cherniak was born on September 2, 1980, in the town of Zabaikalsk, Chytynsk Region, the Russian Federation. From 1980 to 1990 Ihor studied at the school of the town Bernau, German Democratic Republic. From 1990 to 1992 (5-6 forms) he studied in Radyvyliv Secondary School, Rivne Oblast. Ihor finished Zolochiv Secondary School №2  named after Markiian Shashkevych, Lviv Oblast. Ihor’s father was a professional serviceman, Warrant officer, that is why he had to move the places of living frequently. The last place of his service was the town of Zolochiv.

In 1999 Ihor graduated from the International Academy of Personnel Management with the qualification of an economist-business manager. After serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine from 1999 to 2000 in the city of Ternopil, Ihor graduated from Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Ihor worked at a commercial bank in the town of Radyvyliv, later on, construction. He was an active participant of events on Independence Square in Kiev during the Revolution of Dignity.

In May 2014, Ihor enlisted as a volunteer in the battalion “Donbas”, where he served as a shooter-hospital attendant, with a soldier name “Chornyi”.

Ihor died on July 18, 2014, at around 4 p.m. in the battle for the town of Popasna, Luhansk Oblast. That evening on the page of social network “Vkontakte” the militants of Luhansk National Republic posted photos of the personal belongings, documents, and clothing of the dead «Donbas people» with cynical text, in which they boasted of killing the Ukrainian soldiers. Ihor was buried on July 26 in the town of Radyvyliv of Rivne Oblast.

According to the Presidential Executive Order № 631/2014 on August 2, 2014, Ihor was posthumously awarded the Third Class Order “For Bravery” “for personal courage and heroism demonstrated in the defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.