Viktor I. Mykytiuk (08.13.1964 – 06.28.2015)

Victor Mykytiuk was born on September 13, 1964, in the town of Zdolbuniv, Rivne Oblast. He was a senior lieutenant and a platoon commander of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the Operational Command “North” (the 30th Mechanized Brigade, earlier – the 2nd Territorial Defense Battalion “Horyn”). On August 29, 2014, Victor was drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was a member of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO).

During military service, he fell ill, and on June 28, 2015, Victor died from health complications. The officer was buried on the Alley of Heroes in the town of Zdolbuniv.

He left a wife and two children.

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Ruslan Palichuk (07.05.1977 – 12.26.2014)

Ruslan Palichuk was born on July 5, 1977, in the village of Hlynsk, Zdolbuniv Raion, Rivne Oblast.

After finishing 9 forms of a comprehensive school, he entered Rivne Vocational School №11 where he obtained the qualification of a miller-setter of machine tools with programmable control.

Ruslan served in the special detachment of escorting military cargo in Rivne. Having finished his military service, Ruslan got the second qualification of gas welder in Kvasyliv Vocational School.

He worked as a gas welder in Zdolbuniv Automotive Equipment Maintenance Plant.

In August 2014, he was called up for service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After training in the base of Yavoriv Firing Range, Ruslan was sent into the Zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. He did his service as a part of the 128th Mountain Infantry Division which protected Ukraine on the segment of the route between Artemivsk and Bakhmutka.

Ruslan died on December 25, 2014, in the town of Lysychansk, Luhansk Oblast.

He held a rank of a  junior sergeant.… Читати далі

Pavlo Petrenko (01.03.1989 – 08.29.2014)

Pavlo Petrenko was born on December 3, 1989, in the town of Zdolbuniv. He studied at the local comprehensive school №3. After finishing it, he entered the Institute of Business in Poltava of the International Scientific and Technological University and obtained a qualification of a manager.

From October 2010 to October 2013, Pavlo did military service on the contract basis in the city of Khmelnytskyi. On June 14, 2014, he was enlisted as a volunteer to the military unit of the National Guards of Ukraine in the Donbas Battalion. In July 2015, the soldier got injured performing a combat mission. After treatment, Pavlo returned to the Zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. Later, he came under fire near the village of Katerynivka, Donetsk Oblast. It was thought for a long time that Pavlo had gone missing.

The circumstances of death: in the morning of August 29, 2014, during the departure out of Illovaisk ‘Pothole’ through the ‘Green Corridor’ a fire fighting truck was on the way in the mechanized column of the Donbas Battalion from the village of Mnohopillia to the village of Chervonosilske.… Читати далі

Yevhen V. Riepin (08.18.1994 – 03.20.2015)

Yevhen Riepin was born on September 18, 1994, in the city of Rivne. He lived in Ivan Franko Street. He graduated from Rivne Technical College of the National University of Water and Environmental Management, specializing in Maintenance and Repair of Equipment of Enterprises of Chemical and Oil and Gas Processing Industry. In the 80 ‘s he served in the Air Cavalry Brigade in the city of Lviv.

He joined the Anti-Terrorist Operation as a volunteer. From November 2014 he was enrolled to the 81 Novohrad-Volynsk Air Cavalry Brigade of the Reconnaissance Squadron.

Furthermore, from November 2014 Yevhen became the machine gunner-reconnaissance man. He demonstrated exceptional abilities, and thanks to that he was transferred to the position of the sniper of the intelligence group, which he headed later. He commanded a number of successful raids.

He died on March 20, 2015. The tragedy occurred near the village of Vodiane (Yasynuvatskyi Raion), near the city of Donetsk. Yevhen together with a group of soldiers went to rescue his friend, got into an ambush and was mortally wounded.… Читати далі