Maksym Liashuk was born on May 18, 1989, in the city of Lutsk. Shortly after his birth, the family moved to the village of Ostrozhets, Mlyniv Raion. After finishing the local school, a boy entered Lutsk Institute of Human Development of the University “Ukraine”. His major was Physical Rehabilitation.

After serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Maksym worked as a policeman of the Platoon No. 2 in the Special Rota of the Judicial Police “Hryphon” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. He was also an Assistant Security Officer of the Division of Quick Response “Sokol” of HUBOZ.

At the age of 22, Maksym finished his service in the police forces for health reasons. He worked as a teacher of physical education and the director of the regional tourism center in Mlyniv Center of Tourism.

Maksym was an active participant of Maidan in Kyiv. He was one of the first who joined the Battalion “Svitiaz” where he served as a platoon commander.

Maksym stayed alive after the Battle for Ilovaisk, but died on September 29, 2014, in the “green corridor”, where along with the voluntary battalions and military columns was leaving the place of the bloody battle. The deceased left a wife and a son.

According to the Presidential Executive Order № 213/2015 on April 9, 2015, “for personal courage and high professionalism, demonstrated in the defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath”, Maksym Liashuk was posthumously awarded the Third Class Order “For Courage”.