Тимощук Михайло Петрович (Професор) (13.08.1987-13.08.2014)

Mykhailo Tymoshchuk was born in Rivne on August 13, 1987, and in 1996, he moved to Berehovo in the Transcarpathian region, where his mother lived. He came from a mixed Ukrainian-Hungarian family. He studied at secondary school №5 in Berehovo, and then continued studying at the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, specializing in History and Geography (from 2005 till 2009). In 2010, he got a diploma of teacher of History.

In 2012, he went into Ukrainian services under contract. He was a senior soldier, senior mechanic driver of the 128th mechanized brigade, military unit A1556, with the nickname “Professor”.

He was killed on the day of his birth during the firing of the “Grad” brigade units in the area of the village Novohannivka (Krasnodon district) in Luhansk region.

Mykhailo was buried on August 17, 2014 in Berehovo.

He was awarded the Order “For Courage” of the III degree By the Decree of the President of Ukraine of March 14, 2015, № 144/2015 “for personal courage and heroism, found in the defence of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. He was awarded the breastplate “For the Defence of Luhansk Airport” (posthumously).


The publications about Tymoshchuk M.P.

The graduates of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute recall the mate and the friend, who died while defending Ukraine.

… And it is tragic and bitter news again: another zinc coffin will come any day to Berehovo frontier from the zone of military operations in Donetsk region. Here, the graduate of the city school №5, a twenty-seven-year-old private by contract Mykhailo Tymoshchuk died. The loss is inconsolable grief for the family, relatives, schoolmates, fellow students and servicemen, finally, for all citizens. And there are again tears, crying, sorrow… There is no more disaster than the death of a son, brother, friend…

As it was reported by the district military registration and enlistment office, the tragedy on the East occurred on August 13. In particular, the senior mechanical driver of the 128th Mukachevo brigade died carrying out the operation, when their group was fired from the side of illegal armed formings. The citizen of Berehovo went into the Ukrainian services in 2012, already got the diploma of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute (Geography and History). And how it could be possible – the hero died by the death of the brave on the far Donetsk land on the day of his birth.

He was the youngest in the family, had an elder sister and two brothers. Mykhailo’s 67-year-old mother gave birth to him at the age of 40, his father died when he was still studying at school. It should be noted that the soldier under contract finished school with very good marks, he was remembered by his conscientiousness and modesty, he wasn’t noisy or uproarious.

The principal of the secondary school № 5 Liudmyla Pylyp said: “Mykhailo studied in the class led by the teacher Nelia Pushkak (graduates in 2005), the young man was so quiet, polite and shy that he even went into the services being unmarried, he dreamt of finding his love after the end of the contract. He did not want to live at his mother’s expense, so he joined the army. He was respected by the whole class at school…
At present his niece is studying at this secondary school, the daughter of the elder sister whose name is Natalia is in the third form. The other day the principal had met her and asked about her brother in the East and whether he was planning to furlough. Meanwhile she asked to give the sincerest greetings from all the teachers and students with the wishes of the fastest peace, quiet and kindness, so that Mykhailo returned home alive and healthy. “It did not take a few days since the conversation, as news of the tragedy spread around the town: our graduate was reached by the Russian bullet, which became for him fatal”, Liudmyla just shared not very comforting thoughts by phone.

The native Berehovo school № 5, as well as Hungarian higher educational institution are in mourning. In the corridors and classes, auditoriums, at the desks where the patriot was studying and sitting, candles of memory are lighting. In this town hundreds of people express sincere condolences and sympathy to relatives and everyone who knew Mykhailo, studied with him, were friends, worked, served!
The town is again in the same sorrow as in June, as the Russian fatal bullet reached another fellow countryman Roland Popovych. To tell the truth the previous announcement about the death of the hero came from the battle field of the front Luhansk region.

The memory of you, heroes, will live forever in the hearts of Berehovo people!

by Mykhailo Synookyi, the town of Berehovo

Mykhailo Tymoshchuk (Professor) (08.08.1987-13.08.2014)