Oleksii Bohuslavskyi was born on July18, 1980 in the city of Penza, Russia.

He started his military career in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 1997 and served in various positions. He graduated from the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (Kyiv) in 1997.

Although the superior officer of the administrative department of Operational Command West (OC West) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was born in Russia, he had lived his entire life in Ukraine and considered it to be his native land. Oleksii defended his Motherland from Russian occupants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone (ATO zone) for 100 days.

As a major, he had performed different combat assignments for a long time until he caught a severe form of pneumonia. Long-term treatment did not help. On June 16, 2015 he died in the military hospital in the city of Lviv.

His wife and two children had to live on without their father and husband.

On 17 June he was buried at the Alley of Heroes, “Nove” Cemetery of the city.

According to the decision of the Rivne City Council dated 09/17/2015 No. 5756 Oleksii Bohuslavskyi was awarded the title “Honorary Citizen of the City of Rivne”


Publications about Oleksii Bohuslavskyi
 Alley of Glory is getting bigger

Rivne was in a state of mourning again. Yesterday national flags with mourning tapes could be seen on a building of municipal enterprises, institutions and organizations.  Furthermore, following the order of the Mayor, enterprises, institutions and organizations of the city were recommended to reduce the use of music and entertaining events. It’s because our countryman soldier, participant of ATO and a major Oleksii Bohuslavskyi had gone.

He had to have turned 35 years old. People came from all parts of the garrison to say goodbye to deceased major Bohuslavskyi.

A memorial service took place in the shining marble and granite foyer of the Сity House of Culture. Again. Hundreds of people, women in black and militaries came to say goodbye to Oleksii Bohuslavskyi, a signal officer, who had spent more than 100 days in the ATO zone. It is said that he gave a lot of energy so that our soldiers who stood on the front line gained the status of participants in hostilities.

“I served with Oleksii in the same military unit”, said his comrade and major Viktor Shubets. “He was a military by vocation. He had started his service while being a lyceum student”. As a major, he had performed different combat assignments for a long time until he caught a severe form of pneumonia. Prolonged treatment did not help. His wife and two children had to live without their father and husband.

Oleksii Bohuslavskyi was buried at “Nove” Cemetery of the city near the Alley of Glory with all military honors. His parents also found their eternal rest at the same cemetery.

The misfortune could not be put into words. The war continues and the best of us deprived of our lives in an untimely manner. He was a good friend and a great person. His military comrades promised they won’t leave his relatives in grief.

Like all his citizens who died in the ATO zone, major Oleksii Bohuslavskyi was entombed with city funds.

Note. There are eight graves of those who died in the ATO zone at Alley of Glory of Rivne Cemetery “Nove”. One hero was buried at the cemetery near Basiv Kut Lake.

Serhii Snisarenko, the newspaper “Simdniv”


On October 14, 2015 in the city center of Rivne next to the Holy Resurrection Cathedral and the city’s guard the column of the Virgin Mary, a stele of memory for the nineteen Heroes of Rivne was opened. A memory board for the Heroes of ATO zone and Maidan was arranged at the crossroads of Soborna Street and 16th July Street. There are photographs of sixteen deceased ATO soldiers from Rivne and three of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes on the board.



 In Rivne, a memorial plaque was opened to honor the deceased in the ATO zone.

On December 4, 2018 in Rivne near the main entrance to the secondary school No. 5 Mykola Nehrebetskyi Street, a memorial plaque was opened to honor the deceased soldier of ATO zone Oleksii Bohuslavskyi. He studied at this school. At the opening, not only relatives and teachers of the hero were present but also representatives of the authorities and clerics. The clerics consecrated the memorial plaque.

During the opening ceremony, the pupils read poetry and honored the hero with a minute of silence. After that, all the attendees installed light bulbs and put the flowers near the memorial plaque.

Oleksii Bohuslavski (18.07.1980–16.06.2015)