Момотюк Дмитро Володимирович (19.08.1991- 24.08.2014)

Dmytro Momotiuk was born on September 19, 1991, in the village of Bereh, Dubno Raion, Rivne Oblast. In 1997, he was accepted in the 1st form of Bereh Educational Complex. Dmytro went in for sports and participated in the athletics and football competitions on the raion level.

After finishing 9 forms of Bereh Educational Complex in 2006, he entered Zolochiv Vocational School. Having graduated from it, Dmytro worked at a Publicly Traded Company “Rivne Piscicultural Ameliorative Station (PAS)”.

In 2009, he became a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and on April 10, 2014, Dmytro Momotiuk was enlisted into Volodymyr-Volynskyi 51st Air-Mobile Brigade of the 3rd Battalion.

He died on the night of September 24, 2014, in the battle of Ilovaisk (Donetsk Oblast) near Kuteinykove. The 3rd battalion of the brigade was besieged near Berezne and Olenivka under constant shellfire.

According to the Presidential Executive Order #311/2015 on June 4, 2015, Dmytro was posthumously decorated with the Third Class Order For Bravery “for personal courage and high professionalism demonstrated in the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath”.



Publications about D.V. Momotiuk 
Died in the battle for Ilovaisk on Independence Day

This news, as if in the heart. In the battle near Ilovaisk our fellow countryman died – a 23-year-old resident of the village Bereh Momotiuk Dmytro Volodymyrovych.
On August 19, the Hero was 23 years old, and on August 24, on Independence Day of Ukraine, he fell the death of the brave in an unequal battle with the Russian invaders. It is symbolic that the same age of Ukraine’s independence took death in the day of its next anniversary.
Of the lousy messages of the military, it is known that the mortar crew, in which Dmytro served, was hit by enemy artillery. Direct hit. There were no chances to survive. The disfigured body of the Hero was subsequently taken to Melitopol. There, the family knew him and took home. Therefore, Dmytro Momotiuk was buried on the first of September.
Half a thousand people came to the funeral in Bereh. All the village, district officials, military came. The soldiers of our part A1519 in honor of the defender of Ukraine, leaning on their knees, gave automatic fireworks. Under the squealing of the present, Dmytro was buried. There was not yet another young heart. A mother and all of Ukraine have lost a decent son.
He lost his life in the bloom of strength. The man was to live and live. Give birth and and grow children, achieve something in life. But the enemy’s arm broke the young life and put him in raw land. Last year, in November, Dmytro got married. And on April 11 he was mobilized. The military fate shook Dmytro on the “hot” points of the Donbas. He was sent to different parts. And the last place of the service was the 5th brigade. In it, he served in a mortar crew. In it, he found death. Destiny threw him under Ilovaisk. And on the day that some people celebrated, others laid their heads for Ukraine.

Heroes do not die. Their souls will find peace in heaven. For it is said in the Scriptures that there is no greater love than to put soul for the close people. Dmytro gave his life for us all. Eternal glory to the Hero! Let’s remind him in prayers. Let God be with him!

Mashchenko P.


Died in the battle on Independence Day

 When Kyiv on August 24 demonstrated the latest military equipment in the military parade, when festivals and other events in support of the army were held in Ukraine’s cities and towns, when people walked out on the streets with blue-yellow bindings and patriotic songs, Dmytro Morotiuk from a small village of Bereh, which is in Dubno district, shed his blood in Luhansk land, proving his love for Ukraine.

He gave her life for Ukraine. On August 19, Dmitri turned 23 years old. And in a few days, on August 24, the heart of the young patriot ceased to beat. On Monday, September 1, he returned to his homeland in the coffin. They buried the hero in the village of Bereh.


The much-suffered 51st brigade

When the confrontation in the East began, Dmytro was mobilized to the Armed Forces on April 10, 2014. He was a serviceman of the 3rd mechanized battalion of the 51 separate mechanized brigade (Volodymyr-Volynskyi). On May 22, when the terrorists shot a checkpoint near Volnovakha, Dmytro passed this terrible fate. On August 24, there was fierce fighting for the independence of the state. And on that day, many courageous sons gave their lives for Ukraine. Particularly significant losses were experienced by the 51-brigade.
Our fellow citizens died in the battle for Ilovaisk, which is in Donetsk region, in the area of ​​the village Kuteinykove. On that day, the 3rd battalion of the brigade was surrounded near the villages of Berezne, Olenivka under a constant artillery fire.
During the tank and artillery attack of Russian militants under the Ilovaisk and Sharobeshev and the fire of Grads, dozens of servicemen of the 51 brigade were killed and captured.

Dmytro fought until the last minute of his life

About Dmytro, everybody in the village says that he was a modest and very good boy. Two years ago his father died. The young boy stayed with his older mother. He was a worker, never abandoned rural and hard work. Dmytro was forced to leave school in college, because he had to work in the village, to help his mother on the farm. In 2013, he returned from the army. In the summer of the same year, he met a girl and fell in love with her. Last fall, in November, he married her. Friends told that they had a very beautiful and merry wedding. Newlyweds wanted to live in goodness and harmony, dreamed of kids …
And in April, Dmytro went to the East. Natives recall that Dmytro told that there was not everyone stomping that hell. He said that that sometimes they were hungry, as there was nothing to eat. Not everyone was hardy, especially the guys from the city, they “fell down” and escaped from the front line. And Dmytro stayed until the autumn moment, was resistant to everything …
The fact that there was a misfortune, friends did not tell his wife immediately. She became a widow after less than a year of marriage…

She went for her son not alone

As early as August 26, there were rumors in the village that a trouble occurred with their fellow villagers. But nobody wanted to believe in it. Even when his mother went to recognize her son, she did not say anything to the daughter-in-law, because she believed that he was not.
On Friday, from the army, they were taken to Lutsk, and from Lutsk to Melitopol. She did not go from Lutsk, because a full bus of Volynians was gathering, who also kissed the East for their sons. Already, according to Volhynia, for the first time, the bus was brought with the coffins of the heroes of Ukraine, among them was Dmytro. The guys from Melitopol were taken in a closed coffin. The villagers say that Dmitri returned to his native village … without legs and with a ruined body. It was very difficult to recognize him there, but he understood who he was behind the documents that were with him, for the phone and the red hair.

Russia disjoined relatives

On September 1, the small village of Bereh became very crowded. After all, from the very morning, relatives, friends and residents of neighboring villages began to come to their place. There were also those who until now knew nothing about the boy, but came to honor his light memory. Also, say good-bye to Dmytro, and Dubno people came, among them were military servicemen from the army and from Dubno military unit A1590. The first persons of the district arrived at the funeral. There were up to five hundred people.
Mrs. Kateryna said: “I am now crying bitter tears, because Dmytro was in the east with my grandson. A grandson has been almost 5 months old, as in ATO, and has never been on vacation. According to the phone does not want to say anything, only one – alive, healthy. It is very difficult to realize that the Russians are killing our hunters so much. ”
Let’s take Vasyl Guk from Smyga, who on September 1 had to return from vacation in the ATO zone, deliberately did not go to the East and stayed to honor the memory of Dmytro, who, like him, was in the 51st brigade. Vasyl says: “I do not know him, but I could not go without saying goodbye to Dmytro. Because I know what is happening there, and I know that he was worried all this time. We had one guy who was supposed to let go, so to speak, tomorrow for his own wedding, and today he was killed … ”
But at the funeral there were no closest Dmytro people of his sister and brother. As the villagers gave us, his sister now lives in Crimea, and Hero’s brother works in Russia. Both of them wanted to say good-bye to their brother, but were stopped on the border. Russia disjoined all three, and took the life of the youngest brother.

Last bell for Dmytro

He was led by a high school student, where he studied only a few years ago. Today is the school first bell. The children of Bereh sit down for desks.
The funeral procession stopped. Teachers came out of the schoolyard. And the last bell for Dmytro sounded. The school said goodbye to its graduate. Classmates walked in front, carried rags, and paved the way for living flowers. Girls Yana, Natalia, Liuda, and Vita, who studied with Dmytro in one class, said that Dima was very good, never with anyone quarreled in class, always respecting everyone, not offending anyone. They remember, somehow, he accidentally chucked the jacket thrown into a bucket of water. Dima immediately confessed. After school, they often met.
He was a good man, good-natured and modest.
The neighbors in the courtyard of the temple told the correspondents of “Skrynia” that Dmytro was a working boy, a patriot, loved Ukraine, wanted to go to the East.
“We cannot understand why the eastern foes are escaping here, in the status of refugees, and our guys are dying in their side,” the woman shared her thoughts. – Until the last minute, we did not believe in that terrible news of the death of our Dmytro. And now it’s hard to believe in it.
The guys were singing in the local church…
Unlike Ukraine, in Russia, the Church plays a dominant role in politics, and will never oppose its policies, it is its instrument. Even the state emblem of Russia symbolizes this unity.
It is unknown why, apparently, from the shock experienced on the way from the temple or in the cemetery, never mentioned that they carry the helium. No one, for the last time, told him: “Glory to Hero” or “Glory to Ukraine”, for which he gave his life.
The last road in the life of Dmytro Momotiuk has become a village street, which is still called – Soviet. Perhaps now the inhabitants of the Bereh will rename it in the name of Dmytro Momotiuk.

Last farewell

All the way to the temple and from the temple to the cemetery the military brought Dmytro to on their shoulders. The brass band of the local music school played for Dmytro sad melodies and a funeral march.

When they went from the temple to the pantry, it turned out that Dmytro was brought back by his native house, where all his childhood passed.
The village cemetery met Dmytro with freshly cut grass and freshly cut bushes.
… Dmytro was buried near his father. The rector of the local church said several farewell words to the “dead soldier Dimitrii”. He also emphasized that he fulfilled his duty, put his life on the battlefield, for the fact that we would live happily in the future.
The kingdom of heaven and eternal tranquility to You, Hero of Ukraine! And great thanks and respect from my countrymen for the fact that I have been defending our state and have not regretted our lives for our peace and tranquility.
Heroes do not die! Glory to Ukraine and Glory to You, Dmytro!

Ksenia Halytska, Ihor Markulych


A died soldier was honored in Bereh with a memorial plaque

A memorial plaque to the soldier of the 51st airborne Volodymyr-Volynskyi brigade Dmytro Mototyuk was opened and consecrated on the facade of the Bereh School on January 22. The boy died on August 24, 2014 in hostilities near Ilovaisk, in Donetsk region.
From the State Anthem of Ukraine, minutes of silence for the dead Hero and a literary composition performed by the senior pupils of Bereh School, a solemn line began. The family of Dmytro Momotiuk, fellow villagers, village chairperson, sister-in-law, chairperson of Dubno district administration Ruslan Syvyi, the head of education department of Dubno district Galyna Vozniuk – many people on this day took part in the event and just came to honor the memory of the Hero.
Neighbors and friends remembered the boy only well. They say that he was a very sensitive person.

He did not offend anyone.
“Dima was a good child,” says Nadiia Stepanivna Hamediuk, school headmaster, “always smiled … I cannot even recall that he had done any harm.” On the contrary, he always tried to help as he could. Moral principles were in his first place. When they heard the news of the death of Dmytro, the whole village did not believe in such a grief. On that day, all the work was postponed, people went out into the street and asked each other whether it was true. They did not believe even after the mother recognized her son. The opening of the memorial board will once again remind and awaken the heroism and patriotism of the school students. ”





Dmytro Momotiuk (08.19.1991-08.24.2014)