Serhii Holubiev (a code name “Pigeon”) was born on January 24, 1979, in the city of Rivne. He went to the front voluntarily in the summer of 2014. Serhii was wounded, but after the treatment, he returned to the front line. He performed the duties of a platoon commander of the 1st Assault Troop in the 24th Assault Battalion Aidar of the 53rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade. Serhii was an outstanding warrior, calm, balanced, one of the best. He was a reliable person who supported and taught his comrades. Serhii was a trustworthy friend, a loving father, and husband.

The soldier died on March 11, 2017, while performing military duties in the territory of Donetsk Oblast.

The requiem, where the body of the deceased was carried across the main street of the city, took place at the Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection.

The defender of Ukraine was buried on the Alley of Heroes at the New Cemetery.

Serhii left a wife and two small children.

According to the Presidential Executive Order, Serhii Holubiev was posthumously decorated with the Third Class Order For Bravery for valor demonstrated in the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, selfless service to the Ukrainian people.

Publications about Holubiev Serhii Volodymyrovych

11.03. 2017 on the fronts of the National Liberation War, under Dokuchaievskom , the soldier “Aidaru” Serhij Holubiev (Golub) was killed.

He was in the war from the very beginning. As  his friends say about him , one of the best, one of the most adequate – is a wonderful Warrior. Before death he managed to warn his friends  on radio. If he did not, the boys would have been killed or captured.

At home there was a wife and two small children. Eternal Glory To The Warrior! Memory through the era!

Hero!! So I can describe you. One of these words. You were one of the best fighters, you were a Friend.

Always calm, balanced. Sensual to a woman, loving father. Guardian for brothers, support for the commander. How many combat exits we have done with you, how many successful eliminations of enemies .Only in my memory you did enough to become the Hero of Ukraine. And, as it is typical for our state, we did not receive any rewards. But you did not go for that.The true son of Ukraine. You got injured, but returned to friends. You defended and taught them. Today, you sacrificed life, but was able to warn against the attack of the enemy, and thus saved the rest of the friends  from death or captivity.

I appeal to the General Staff, the Ministry of Defense – you give away awards right to left. Serhij really deserved it.

Serhii Holubiev (‘Pigeon’) (01.24.1979 – 03.11.2017)