Heroes don’t Die
“Mom, I’m sorry for a black scarf”

The war like a dreadful black bird came again to Dubrovytskyi raion. It happened again like last year (when Fedir Pliashko was buried), it knocked on the window in the middle of the summer, when nature sang the Ode to Life.

On July 8 Ivan Borsuk, our compatriot, soldier of the 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade died at the Kharkiv military hospital after sustaining injures in the outskirts of Popasna. Mournful tidings were spread of the raion and black ribbons, like snakes, intertwined with the blue of state flags. Another mother wore a black scarf and cuddled last son’s house, she was crying, weeping, praying.

Who was Ivan Borsuk? He was a son of hardworkers, a representative of a respected laborious family. He was an ordinary village guy destined to become a Hero. But no, he was not ordinary. Whether any average man who lived around us would join the war for a second time? I can also call him a rich man as he was strong willed, had a high sense of patriotism and duty. God wants to see around Himself such special people. That’s why He takes them.

The soldier was born on July 9, 1986 in the village Liutynsk. He graduated from a local school, studied at the Western Ukrainian College. He served in the army. During the third wave of military mobilization Ivan Borsuk was called to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He served in the army during the period from August 2, 2014 to January 25, 2016 in the 128th Mountain Assault brigade Brigade. He showed courage and heroism during the military operation in Debaltseve. By the Decree of the President of Ukraine he was awarded the Order of “For Courage” III degree. The soldier was also awarded the medal “Defender of the Motherland”, a memorable medal “128 SMB military intelligence”, the breastplate “War veteran — a Battle participant “.

He got back home from Anti Terrorist operation. It seemed that he could already build his future more calmly here far away from war. But could he really calm down his heart, when his friends were still there, when the Ukrainian land was still on fire?

On May 31 this year Ivan Borsuk enlisted by contract to 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade.

On Juni 29 our compatriot was injured in the head during the bombardment of area near Popasna. Doctors did their best to save soldier’s life. Unfortunately, they couldn’t save him. The family heard terrible tidings of the loss of their loved one.

Deceased soldier had parents, father Ivan Kyrylovych and mother Raisa Vasylivna, a sister Viktoriia Ivanivna, wife Yana Petrivna and a nine-year old daughter Khrystyna.

On July 10 Cargo 200 was delivered to the hometown. Hundreds of people met with flowers the Hero on the way to Dubrovytsia. On the Zlahoda square a large number of residents of the raion gathered, as they felt it was their duty to come and pray for the peaceful repose of Ivan’s soul. These were people of all ages, they couldn’t back tears. Priests of UOC-KP headed by priest Danylo and priest Mykolai performed a funeral service over him near Shevchenko monument. The head of Rivne State Administration Mykola Petrushko, town’s Mayor Bohdan Mykulskyi, Ivan’s sworn brothers, people’s deputy Taras Pastukh, our compatriot Pavlo Radko, representor of the brigade in which the Hero served made eulogies. Soldiers from all over Ukraine came to pay their respect to their sworn brother. These courageous men couldn’t back tears. They said lots of kind words about courage and heroism of Ivan Borsuk.

Another son of the Polesia gave his life for Ukraine. We are mourning, but God knows better which souls of soldiers can be taken in order to save others. I want to say ones more, God needs good souls.

Ivan, you are our Hero, we are begging you to become our soldiers’ defender on Heaven, as you loved them so much and you gave your life for them.

Every war has its last shot and last day. We are waiting for this day, all of us wait for it, but many Heroes will see it from Heaven.


Ivan Borsuk (09.07.1986–8.07.2018)