Mykola Saiuk was born on December 22, 1987, in the town of Dubno, Rivne Oblast. After the death of his father, when Mykola was four, the family moved up to the village of Adamivka, Bereznyi Raion. Mykola finished 9 classes of Sosniv Secondary School and the same year he entered the Higher Vocational School No. 7, where he obtained two majors: a bricklayer and a cook.

His mother brought up an honest, fair and kind person. The guy was liked and respected by fellow-villagers.  When Mykola grew older, he worked on the construction. From 2012 Mykola was a director of Limited Liability Company «TVK Mercurii» in the city of Kyiv (wholesale trade).

Mykola was fond of hunting and fishing.

When Ukraine rebelled, Mykola couldn’t calmly stay at home. From January 2015 he was an active participant of Maidan Protests, he participated in the battles, including on Hrushevska and Instytutska Streets on “Bloody Thursday”. He was injured for several times on Maidan, both legs were shot with rubber bullets by Berkut troops and he got a knife wound from a criminal hired by the police).

From the very beginning, Mykola went to ATO as a volunteer. In December 2014, he signed a contract until the end of the special period.

Sergeant, Platoon Commander of the Communications Branch of Management the Mortar Battery of the 24th Separate Assault Battalion “Aidar” of the 10th Separate Mountain-Assault Brigade.

Mykola died on November 1, 2016 (between 11.30 p.m. – 12 a.m.) near the village of Slavne, Mariinka Raion, Donetsk Oblast, because of detonation of ammunition in the channel of the barrel of mortar.

He left a mother, a sister and a wife whom he lived with not for very long.

Mykola Saiuk is a real patriot of Ukraine, a soldier, and a protector, who loved his Motherland.

He is buried in the village of Adamivka, Berezne Raion.

According to the Presidential Executive Order № 58/2017 on March 10, 2017, he was posthumously decorated with the Third Class Order For Bravery “for valor demonstrated in the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the performance of military service duties”.

A Farewell to the Two Warriors of “Aidar” who Fought to the End

From the East their bodies were taken to Kiev for a farewell ceremony

On the eve, people said goodbye to the two soldiers of the 24th separate assault battalion “Aidar”. On the last road relatives, brotherhoods and friends accompanied Mykola Saiuk and Sergii Kochetov.

As it became known, the fighters became the soldiers of the “Aidar” after the Maidan, they were volunteers. The guys were subjected to hostile fire during a combat task.

“It was enemy fire. They were killed during combat mission. We were together. They died as fighters on the battlefield” – says Tymofii Dubinchuk, the soldier of the 24th assault battalion “Aidar” of the Armed Forces.

“They dreamed of releasing Ukraine. They signed the contract to the end, in order to fight to the end” – Igor Haiokha remembers the brotherhoods of “Aidar”.

Valentina Saiuk, the widow of the deceased serviceman Mykola, does not leave the coffin. Her Mykola, who had a callous “Frenchman” in the army, loved her in the war. In the war she lost him. Mykola Saiuk was killed with a fellow countryman from Rivne region – Sergii Kochetov. Brotherhoods knew him as “Cat” (it was his callous).

“Cat” was a witness at our wedding …., – the woman remembers with pain, – We were married on August 28. The first day was the month we married here.”

As it became known, from the East, where fighters served, their bodies were taken to Kiev, where a farewell ceremony took place on the Independence Square on Friday morning, November 4.

Dariia Fedenko and Sergii Novikov, “Channel 5”



Soul to God! Life to Ukraine!

The news of the death of the two residents of the Rivne region overtook the entire country. Mykola SAIUK (village of Adamivka, Berezne district) and Sergii KOCHETOV (village of Smyha Dubno district), performing their duties, died on November 1 in the combat zone in the Donetsk region.

The grief of their families was a grief of millions of Ukrainians, they were baptized with them in the capital, in Rivne and in the homeland. Our fellow countryman fought for the truth on Maidan, in 2014, went voluntarily to the ATO, led the communications unit of the platoon of managing the mortar battery. The 28-year-old man in the combat zone found his destiny, married in the August. But the autumn made his adjustments to his fate like if he were a leaf on the tree, he fell on the battlefield. The inhabitant of Dubno was in the combat zone since February 2015, he served as the senior gunner of the mortar platoon in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was a participant of the Revolution of Dignity, he was not 31… Many of his fellow villagers came to meet a serviceman Mykola Saiuk in Berezne. At the time of the arrival of the body to the district center it was already dark, but people still waited to honor the defender, worship his memory. The blue-yellow shackles triumphed in the wind and shone with gold in the light of the roadway. Church bells resembled the tragedy every now and then.

Heroes don`t die! Enemies die! Soul to God! Life to Ukraine! Honor to anyone! – chanted the present. People met Mykola Saiuk with a prayer on their knees. From the collapsing ring the coffin with the body of the patriot was carried on brotherhoods` shoulders to the monument to Taras Bulba-Borovets, where the farewell and honor of the hero took place.

On Saturday, November 5, Mykola Saiuk was buried in his native Adamivka. The longitudinal column strode behind the coffin, in which lay a guy who loved life very much. People tied flowers and wreaths with black ribbons. The local church hosted a memorial service for a soldier of ATO, who was buried in the village cemetery with all honors. His native land took him into his arms.

The leaders of the district, deputies of the regional, district, Sosnivka settlement councils, representatives of party, public organizations, youth took part in the funeral events.

The 4th and 5th of November became mourning days for the dead soldier of ATO Mykola Saiuk in Berezne district. Young men died for us, for peace, for a bright future. They had sprinkled Ukrainian land with their blood, because they believed that they could change something. Now mothers, wives and their children are watering with their tears the graves.

The earthly life of M. Saiuk and S. Kochetov has already ended, but the memory of heroes will remain forever. Rest in piece. God accept their souls in Your paradise abode.

Yana Pylypchuk



He Has Given a Life for Ukraine!

Nothing connects people like a trouble. Today it is just one – it is the war. Unfortunately, we lost another hero, a resident of Adamivka – Mykola Saiuk, who died in defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. On November, 4th  at the roundabout ring, along the road people with inflamed lamps on their knees met the hero with the cries “Heroes do not die”, which continued on the central street of the city until the monument to Taras Bulba-Borovets. There was a farewell ceremony with a hero. With words of condolences the deputy of the regional council and volunteer Tetiana Voronko came. The hero was carried by relatives, brothers, deputies and friends. From Berezne Mykola Saiuk was taken to their homeland, where the son was waiting for her mother. The road in the village was littered with flowers, the villagers came to meet their defender.

What a pity for those who were taken by the heavens, whom the war recorded in the immortality. Heavens, forests and fields, which surrounded his little village, cry. His soul rushed to the sky to get one last look at his native land, father`s house, on everything what he loved and saved. We can`t measure his mother’s, wife’s, relatives’ and friends` grief and tears. The killed was the participant of the Maidan, so the route of funeral ceremony continued a long time and our fellow countryman`s mother was waiting for a long time for his son to say good bye. The whole way home the dead`s wife Valentina was with him. She also served in the battalion “Aidar” where they met and recently got married. He was an example of kindness and love to his family. He remained forever the best husband, son, and a wonderful person. We must remember the names of our heroes, which gave the most valuable, their lives, for the enemy not setting their foot on our land.

Eternal memory to the deceased, may he rest in Swan down, and the God will take the soul into his Kingdom.



The Story of the True Patriot

A few months ago, he married a military girlfriend, a few weeks ago, they were married in the native battalion. But their family happiness was very short, because the war didn`t ask when your honeymoon ended.

This man was the True Patriot of Ukraine with a capital letter, loved his Homeland, he was a husband, a warrior and a defender. Behind his shoulders there were bloody battles on the Maidan until the very last day, the very last step forward, the complete victory over the previous regime.

Mykola Oleksandrovych Saiuk (callous Frenchman) was born 22.12.1987 in Dubno, Rivne region where he lived first 4 years of his life, but after father`s death moved to Adamivka, Berezne district.

He finished 9 classes of school and attended trade school №7, where he got 2 specialties at once: a stonecutter and a cook.

Mykola`s mother grew up an honest, fair, and kind man who understood everything from the first word and was ready to help in any difficult situation. All good qualities can`t be listed, but people loved him, loved and respected the guy, and it means a lot.

Mykola was fond of hunting and fishing. And once, when he was young and had great imagination, on hunting he killed a beaver, and when he saw his big teeth, went away to adults, which laughed a lot and remembered this case.

When Mykola grew up he worked on construction. Since 2012 he was the manager of LLC “Tver Merkury” in Kiev (wholesale).

When Ukraine rebelled, Mykola Oleksandrovych could not stay at home. Since January 2014, he was an active participant of Maidan, participated in battles, in particular on Hrushevsky and Institutska streets on the bloody Thursday. Repeatedly he was wounded on the Maidan (in both legs with rubber bullets from the Berkut and a neck with a knife from the titushkis).

Sergeant, commander of the communications division of the platoon of the mortar battery of the 24th separate assault battalion “Aidar” of the 10th separate mountain-storming brigade.

He was killed on November 1, 2016 (in the interval between 23.30 – 0.00 ) near the village of Slavne Mariinsky district, Donetsk region, as a result of detonation of an ammunition in the canal of the mortar barrel.

He had mother, sister and wife, the marriage with which was very short.

This is a vivid life of one not indifferent, not inert, strong spirit, decisive and courageous person, a life path of only those who truly have the right to be called the Hero.

And it’s very bad that when they descend from it forever, for many this event turns out to be invisible and worthless, because it does not touch them, it is not their life that is broken and not their blood that is spread on Ukrainian land.



Mykola Saiuk (soldier name “Frenchman”) (12.22.1987 – 11.2016)