Ruslan Mukomelets was born on March 23, 1974, in a large family of collective farmers in the village of Velyki Selyshcha, Berezne Raion. He finished a local comprehensive school and the Vocational School №8. Ruslan did compulsory military service in the army. After that, he worked in Sosnivka State Forestry.

In the summer of 2015, Ruslan was called up for military service in the Zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO).  On January 16, 2016, he tragically lost his life. The soldier was shot by a sniper’s bullet.

The funeral of Ruslan took place on January 20, 2016, in the village of Velyki Selyshcha.



Polissya mourns ATO warrior

The Orthodox Polissya followed the Orthodox ATO soldier – Mukomelets Ruslan Arkadevich, born in 1972, who died in defense of the territorial integrity of our state in the region of  stanitsa Luhansk ,to the graveyard .

The Rank of funeral by blessing of the director of the diocese eminent Anatolii Sarny and Polissya Metropolitan in the Holy Trinity Church of the village of Velyky Selyshche, Bereznivsky district,was headed by the dean of Bereznivsky deanery archpriest Igor Kosp, he was coached by the rectors of the temples:

St. Nicholas Church of the city of Berezne – archpriest Sergey Zabayda, Holy Trinity Church of the village Velyke Selyshche – archpriest Vasyl Savchuk, St. Peter and Paul’s Church of the village of Adamivka – archpriest Alexander Lutsyshyn, St.Volodymyr Temple of the village of Sosnivka – archpriest Victor Gaponchuk.

Archpriest Igor Kosp gave the words of condolences of Metropolitan Anatolii to warrior’s relatives, in particular, saying: “The church together with their families mourns the death of a warrior and asks God for forgiveness of his sins, and beggs for immortality of the soul.”

Eternal memory to him!


Mother begged God for the life of his son, and he gave it for Ukraine

Person lives as long as memories of them live. The life-journey of every person is unknown. But it’s important to leave something good after yourself: things, actions, memories. And when a person passes away, this “something good” begins to revive.

Ruslan Arkadiiovych Mukomelets left more than enough memories of himself.

He was born in a large family of collective farmers in the village Velyke Selysche in 1974.   The blond-brown, with freckles on his face boy was a favorite of the whole family, because he was the youngest and very calm.

After finishing nine classes of secondary school, the boy went to study at Sosnivsk Vocational School, to become a welder, then he was at a regular service in the army.

When he returned, he got a job at Sosnivsky SFE (State Forest Enterprise).

The fate of Ruslan was not very benevolent. When his parents expired, Ruslan stayed to live in their home with his sister Natalia and her family.

Mykola Kasyanchuk, a friend of Ruslan Mukomelets, recalls: “He was always sincere and unfailing. He was trying to grant every request of his friends. He liked to spend his free time fishing, and gathering mushrooms. He was lucky at fishing, but he was not to be lucky in personal life.

Due to injuries on a motorcycle, he had problems with his legs.

But when the war came to us, Ruslan did not abandon the call-up papers from military registration and enlistment office and went to defend Ukraine. ”

From memoirs of Vlasyuk Tetyana Petrivna, a daughter of Ruslan’s cousin: ‘For me, Ruslan was a friendly, kind person. Always courteous in conversation, sociable, he caused a sense of trust and reliability. He is such a person whom you can reveal your secret, he is such a person, who will always listen carefully so that then to advise you something.’

Ruslan felt the pain of loss in young age, after all, in the childhood drowned his brother, who was Ruslan’s best friend. Not having a complete family happiness, he was looking for joy in the company of his friends. ” Valentyna Serednya, a classmate of Ruslan Arkadiiovych, said: Ruslan was always eager to come to the aid of friends, neighbors, lonely grannies. Yet in his life was such a time when he was very ill. Nobody thought that he would survive. But the prayers of his mom Luba raised him to his feet. She begged God for the life of her son. The poor mother could not think that Ruslan would be cured of illness but die of the enemy bullet in the ATO zone. ” All the inhabitants of not only Velyke Selysche, but also neighboring villages came together to say goodbye to their defender. He was buried as a true hero. Not only people cried but also nature. It seemed that the trees bent their crowns and whispered: “Look, Ruslan, for the life and tranquility of these people you gave up your life. Today everyone gathered here to express their respect and love to you. Even the airplane in the sky said goodbye by making a few circles over you. You have been protecting our peace, now it is our turn to protect you. “The military orchestra faded away, a salute thundered, the anthem of Ukraine sounded, the volunteers expressed gratitude to you, Ruslan, for your courage and heroism.

They don’t want to believe that Ruslan went west already. Our memory of him will be unbreakable, and the prayer for him to God is sincere. Let the Heavenly Father take his soul into His kingdom, and the body will find eternal rest in the grave, covered with flowers, irrigated by tears of relatives, friends, classmates, fellow villagers.

Larysa Tkachuk, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature

Sosnivskyj NSC “Gymnasium-High School I degree”



Heroes do not die, they just cease to be close

The sister was looking forward  her brother on vacation, and he went to the distant, only God known worlds. This happened on January 16, 2016. The sad anniversary of the death of Ruslan Mukomelets was honoured by prayer not only by his relatives, but also by all the villagers, especially neighbors, residents of Bereznivska Street. The merciless tornado of war takes away new and new lives. Nowadays there is countless amount of families in our country that have lost their sons, fathers, brothers, husbands.

The terrible news of the death of a native person, breaks into Ukrainian families almost every day. Such a message was received a year ago by Ruslan’s Mukomelets sister Natalia. Her brother was shot with an insidious sniper bullet in the ATO zone. He fought there for Ukraine, for its indivisibility and independence, for all of us. Ruslan was buried in a village cemetery in the Velyke Selysche, where he was born, studied, dreamed, where he was going to return after the end of military service. Indeed, Ruslan returned, but not for life, but for eternal rest in the arms of his native land.

Heroes never die, only cease to be close “, said the poet. And yet we feel Ruslan’s presence in rustling herbs, breathing winds, and chirping birds. That is the soul of his light coming to us from the high Lord of Heaven. He gave it to God, and gave life to Ukraine.

Eternal glory to him!

Friends, neighbors, fellow villagers, Velyke Selysche.

Ruslan Mukomelets (03.23.1974 – 01.16.2016)