Рильський Владислав Олександрович (20.07.1992-13.08.2014 )

Vladyslav Rylskyi was born on July 20, 1992, in the city of Vinnytsia in the military family; his father was a military man, a teacher of Ostroh Military Lyceum. Vladyslav graduated from Ostroh Teaching and Educational Complex “School-Gymnasium of I-III Stages. He studied at the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy in the city of Lviv. In 2013, he graduated from it with a degree in Management of the Actions of Units of Mechanized Troops. Later he became an officer. He joined the Anti-Terrorist Operation as a Senior Lieutenant, Commander of the Second Mechanized of the 24th Mechanized Brigade from the town of Yavir.

Vladyslav participated in the ATO from 24 May 2014. From the first days in the ATO area, the platoon under his commandment was performing the service on block-posts in Donetsk Oblast. His skillful commandment of the platoon and continuous improvement of skills of subordinate personnel staff resulted in the creation of an assault group for destroying terrorists in direct contact with the enemy formed on the basis of his platoon.

Vladyslav died on September 13, 2014, from terrorist artillery shelling while performing tasks in the battle zone near the village of Novosvitlivka.

The last visitation with the Hero took place at the central square of the town of Ostroh on September 20. He was buried in the town of Ostroh, Rivne Oblast.

On October 21, 2014, according to the Presidential Executive Order No817/2014, the Senior Lieutenant Vladyslav Rylskyi was posthumously decorated with the Third Class Order For Bravery “for valor and high professionalism demonstrated in the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath”.


The Flight into Eternity


Rylskyi Vladyslav Oleksandrovych was First Lieutenant the 24th separate mechanized brigade from Yavoriv and platoon commander. He tragically died when he was 22. This news was a shock to everyone who knew him, loved him and was waiting for him at home. Son, brother, grandson, friend and just a good sincere and friendly guy passed away in the prime of life. Vlad always wanted to be a military man, like his father. He strongly followed his dream. After graduating from the Hetman Petro Sahaidachny National Army Academy, he got to Yavoriv, where his father did once military service.

The family did not see their son for almost a year, since just during the military service he arrived in the ATO zone in spring. The short, but great and glorious life of Vladislav is a role model of courage, a surge of patriotism and unconquerable spirit.

Vlad was a man of light, the person with an amazing energetic and loads of positive, a man with sincere smile and eyes that glowed with incredible kindness. He had a good manners and his deliberate deeds were worthy of a real man. How much were in him courage, simplicity and at the same time entrancing mystique. He loved life, loved to live and was able to enjoy it, he could cheer and help to get in the mood through his jokes, he also was able to support and give a hope. Vlad would become a good husband and a wonderful father for someone. He was loyal to his family, friends, his business and his country, striving to do everything that depended on him to change her for the better.

Vladislav died for our freedom, for our future, for our dreams, for our sunrise, for our heaven. It is very hard to realize that at the 23rd year of Independence of our country, her children, her blossom, her heroes are killed. The boys die, who are forced to grow up and get brave in the war.

“Heroes do not die” – this is a very selfish mantra, which we do not want to shout or write. We should to understand right now that heroes actually die; that our words do not bring them back neither to us nor to their wives, children, parents; that it only  distances the terrible understanding that our land is tainted with the innumerable blood. Heroes die. There are only memories of them. But the main thing – a goal, which they thought is enough important to die for her is still living. Vlad has given life for this goal – to protect his land! May he rest in peace! He will be forever in our hearts, our thoughts and our memories.

Vlad went through life with some peculiar lightness. It was the lightness of the soul. His lightness was related to the ease of the sun. And we ask everyone to forgive him, if he accidentally scorched someone by his own warmth. He is one of those people who should be forgiven.

Let this lightness, with which Vlad went through life, will be a harbinger and premonition of the lightness of paradise. Because he was ready to go all the way, was ready to catch up with eternity. But we were not ready to lose him. That is why it is really painful.

Classmates and class teacher with a burning pain from the terrible loss

Vladyslav Rylskyi (07.20.1992 – 08.13.2014)