Serhii was born on December 16, 1983, in the town of  Hoshcha, Rivne Oblast. In 1984, he started Hoshcha day nursery.

However, in 1985, the Serhii’s parents moved to the town of Novoiavorivsk, Lviv Oblast. Thus, the little boy started attending a local kindergarten.

In 1990, Serhii started Novoiavorivsk Secondary School №1. In 1996, the family returned to Hoshcha, where he continued his studies at the Secondary School №1.

After finishing school in 2000, he entered Lviv Inter-regional Higher Vocational School of Railway Transport in order to obtain the qualification of a conductor of long-distance trains.

Shortly after that, in 2001, Serhii was conscripted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the town of Mukachevo. Having finished military service, a young specialist returned to work at Lviv Railway Station.

However, feeling patriotism and great love to Ukraine in his heart, Serhii Karabin voluntarily went to fight in the Zone of Counter-terrorist Operation in March 2014. He became a flamethrower operator in the 81st Air Cavalry Brigade. Serhii was surrounded by enemies, but the volunteers helped him out. During his 10-day leave, he received a bulletproof vest from Hoshcha volunteers.

However, the fate cannot be fooled. During another shelling, a splinter fell in his vest and ripped the chest.

Serhii Karabin died on January 29, 2015, while accomplishing a combat mission in the village of Vodiane, Yasynuvata Raion, Donetsk Oblast (Vodiane is situated 1 km from Donetsk airport).

He was buried in the town of Novoiavorivsk, Yavoriv Raion, Lviv Oblast.

On July 12, 2015, Serhii Karabin was posthumously decorated with a Medal of the Honorary Citizen of Novoiavorivsk.

According to the Presidential Executive Order № 270/2015 on May 15, 2015, he was posthumously awarded the Third Class Order For Bravery “for valor and high professionalism demonstrated in the protection of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the oath o


Publications about Karabin S.I.
Angel of light

On February 4, residents of Novoyavirsk city of Lviv region traveled to the last path of the newest Ukrainian hero – 31-year-old soldier of the 81st assault brigade of Sergiy Karabin, who died in the zone of ATO. Goshcha district, like all of Ukraine, farewell to its defender.

Our fellow countryman Sergiy Karabin was born in Goshcha, visited a local nursery group, finished the 6th form of the State College of Commerce, and after having changed his place of residence at the first opportunity, he came to any heart of a small homeland.

Sergiy grew up as a moving boy. No games on the streets did not do without his participation. He loved to rule the same shattered ones as he did. Most strongly, he appreciated a strong friendship, always adhered to his word. He did not retreat before the difficulties and never hid behind someone’s back. Sergiy denounced meanness, betrayal, deceit. In his great heart, there was a place for his beloved wife Natalia, the daughters  Diana and Victoria, the beloved mother  Valentine, numerous friends and fiancées. But the strongest man loved Ukraine. For her sake, he sacrificed his life.

Sergiy Karabin has always chosen his own way. So when in March 2014 he went voluntarily to the ATO zone, none of his friends and relatives was surprised. During the first, most difficult months of the formation of the Ukrainian army, Serhiy served in the Azov battalion, and later transferred to the 81st assault and assault brigade.

Always cheerful, with a subtle kind of humor, he was in the worst moments supported by the word and deed of his fellows. When there was a minute of rest, Sergiy took his favorite guitar at hand and a sincere Ukrainian song flew over the Donbas tricks. A short fledgling warrior fighter dedicated his family. He spoke with his wife Natalia, who was a soldier of the 24th separate mechanized Iron Brigade named after Danylo Halytsky, daughters, mother, brother and friends. He also came to Goshcha – on a visit to his grandmother and mother.

It was last year in the summer. Rarely, when the nightingales that had fallen asleep had just started singing serenades, and the slow-moving Gorin was still pouring in gray fogs, Sergei was already sitting with fishing rods on her coast and catching fish. Although it was not his purpose. The man conceived the beauty of his native land in his heart: he contemplated how the willows rubbed their spit-eyed in the water, admired the expensive beads of glittering dew, and watched the first rays of the golden sun illuminate the sky of his unbroken Ukraine, and speculated over her fate.

In the evening, when the tired bees had already finished their honey harvest, and in the sky dome over their native street began to sparkle the first dawn, in his abode talked about everything. And most of all – about life and Ukraine. And they sang quietly. Yes, so inspired that the surprised nightingales chilled. And it was forgotten that war was going on somewhere in the East …

It was there, on the front line, where Sergiy really understood what life is and what is worthy of a man’s friendship. He repeatedly lost his brothers, came out of the environment, and unconquered again threw himself into battle. And he was proud of the fact that his chest covers the body armor, which was presented by the inhabitants of Goscha. We did not keep it safe. The enemy is not aimed at the heroes of automatic machines. He stably shot them from “Grades” and tanks, threw mines. In one of these potentials, the heated fragmentation broke Sergiy’s heart, he threw him through the neck of a body armor. But even at this last moment the arm of the soldier did not weaken, he was still dead, then he pressed his gun. The immortal soul of the hero guided the body, trying to save the brothers who retreated …

No Sergey. The ashes of the Hero rest on the alley of glory in Novoyavorivsk. Without a tattoo, daughters will grow, the still unborn baby, which the young widow wears under the heart. Tensely cries mother. Summons the gulls over Gorinya without seeing it on its banks. Meadow grass will weep with silver dew, because it will already leave their mark on them, sticking to fishing. That memory of Sergey Karabin will not disappear in the human souls. He is today with us, invisibly supporting his relatives, friends and sister. I am sure that in the Kingdom of Heaven, again, he chose his own path. And he has the only one in our country – together with the light heavenly arena, to protect our native Ukraine.

Me and my brotherhood. Together in line…
One for all and all for one…

“Hour to the new year, time to make a wish … And I have a few of them:

  1. I want the peac ..
  2. Let all close and dear people forgive each other all the hardships (the new year, after all)
  3. I want that in the new year hugs and kisses were more than tears. Love each other. Together we will overcome everything … “
In the Lviv region, the 32-year-old soldier Serhii Karabin see off  to the last way

Today, February 4, in the temple of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul of the city of Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, ten priests, with the participation of hundreds of people, sing the newest Ukrainian hero of the 32-year-old soldier of the 81st assault and assault brigade who died in the ATO zone, defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

A frisky widow, parents, relatives, friends, fellow brothers, officials of the Yavoriv-Mostytsia United District Commissariat, representatives of the authorities and communities from all over Yavoriv district, sisters-nuns, cry out from the body. IA ZIK tells about this.

A young widow Natalia, who is a soldier of the 24th individual mechanized Iron Guard named after Danylo Halytsky, brought a beloved bouquet of white roses that he liked in his life so much. The orphan left not only a small daughter, but also an unborn baby, which Natalia wears under her heart.

The priests arrived from Yavorov to attend the memorial service, in particular, the father-captain Volodymyr Shydlovskiy, the rector of the garrison church of the Blessed Virgin Protection, neighbors from the 53rd military town, where the deceased rented the family housing.

There were so many people gathered that they could not fit all in the spacious temple: young people, schoolchildren, retirees, servicemen prayed their heads in the churchyard.

Present at the grievous event, conversing with each other, recall Sergiy Karabin as a cheerful man with a subtle sense of humor, a good family man.

“Sergiy was very glad that they would have a second child with Natalya …”, – said the neighbor of the hero.

Recall that last Monday, Yavorivshchina was shaken by the news that, bravely defending the Motherland in the ATO zone, a flame-maker-soldier of the 81st assault brigade Sergiy  Karabin, born in 1983, died.

The newest hero lived with his wife Natalia Mykolayivna, a servicewoman of the 24th individual mechanized Iron Brigade named after Danylo Halytsky, and a small daughter in the 53rd Yavorov military town. And his parents – in Novoyavorivsk.

Therefore, the family decided to bury Sergiy Karabin in Novoyavorivsk.


Sergiy Karabin was carried on the last path

To honor the memory of the hero came many friends, comrades in the UNSO, relatives and just Lviv citizens, who could not fail to give the last respect to a young warrior who laid down his life, defending the interests of the state in the east of Ukraine.

It’s painful … It’s painful to pick up those words … It’s hot to write again and again about the loss of our best guys, young, strong, beautiful, intelligent. How many more they could do good in their lives, as needed to their families …

The child of Sergiy, whom his young wife wears under the heart, never sees his father … And all because of the paranoid desires of the imperial dwarf and the merchants of his assistant … Because he needs to work out some technology, something to prove to someone, or divert the attention of his citizens from those problems in which they themselves live …

Are we sad about understanding that? No! The thirst for revenge for our brothers only makes us squeeze examples of rifles more firmly and go forward. We become more tempered! Stricter requirements for our recruits in the battalion become more attention to the pursuit of combat missions and discipline!

We are already avenging the death of each of us! We will liberate Ukraine from stinky orcs!

Eternal memory for you, friend of the “Seventeenth”! Thank you, Hero!

The memory of ATO participant Sergey Karabin was honored

In Novoyavorivsk city, the memory of the deceased participated in ATO Sergiy Karabin was honored. On January 30, 2015, a native of Goscha, Sergiy Karabin, died in a hostile ballistic gun near the village of Vodyan, Donetsk region. The newest hero is buried in Novoyavorivsk, Yavoriv district. In memory of the other anniversaries of the death of the ATO participant, the heads of the structural units of the rayon state administration – Bodnar Myroslav Ivanovych and Vdovenko Natalia Ivanivna – bowed down and laid flowers to the grave of our hero.


Date and place of birth: December 16, 1983, Goscha village, Rivne region.

Date and place of death: January 30, 2015, p. Vodyane, Yasinuvatsky district, Donetsk region.

Title: Soldier.

Position: Flamethrower.

Unit: 81th separate aeromobile brigade.

Family status: There are parents, a pregnant wife and a little daughter.

By the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 270/2015 of May 15, 2015, “for personal courage and high professionalism, revealed in the protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to military oath” S. Karabin was awarded the Order “For Courage” of the III degree (posthumously).

Serhii Karabin (“The Seventeenth”) (12.16.1983 – 01.30.2015)