Тишкун Віталій Олександрович
(25.08.1991-11.10. 2016 )

Vitalii un was born on September 25, 1991, in the village of Badivka, Ostroh Raion, Rivne Oblast in the family of workers: father Tyshkun Olexander – a railroader, mother worked at Ostroh Green Farm.

Tyshkun Vitalii attended the primary school in the village of Badivka, then studied at Voloskivka Secondary School of I-III Degrees. General secondary education Vitalii obtained in Velbivne Secondary School.

He studied at the average and sufficient levels, but was an active member of student self-government, joined general patriotic events.

Vitaliyi dreamed of being a soldier. He was not indifferent to the destiny of our country. In the period of the development of events of The Revolution of Dignity, he worked near the city of Kyiv and without any hesitation joined the participants at Maidan. Parents got to know about it only when he was injured. Due to the injury, he was not subject to mobilization, but the spirit of patriotism and strong desire to defend his native country won. In May 2016, Vitalii signed a contract for a military service.

Vitalii Tyshkun died on October 11, 2016, while performing combat tasks. The guy left parents, disabled brother, and nephews.

The memory about Vitalii will remain forever in the hearts of relatives, friends, fellow-villagers.


“He always struggled for justice”

Vitalii Tyshkun was killed while carrying out a military operation

He was being sent on his final journey by the whole village. The road was covered with flowers and people knelt down.

There were relatives, friends, the first teacher, whom he promised to invite to the wedding, and classmates. They had to meet in the spring – as 10 years have passed since finishing the school, but gathered at the funeral. He is the only of their class who was in ATO.

Vitalii Tyshkun was the same age as the independence. On August 25 next year he would be 26. Vitalii was on the Maidan from its very beginning. That time he was working in Kyiv, so he didn’t stay aside of those events.  But none of his relatives knew about it. He didn’t say. His parents knew just when Vitalii had been wounded. Then he engaged in volunteering. And then he went to war as a volunteer.

“He could not go – was not subject to mobilization because he was wounded. But he decided differently. I just met Vitalii shortly before when he was supposed to go to ATO. He said, “I will go into the services”. He explained that he had signed a contract. And he answered my questions, “Who else if not me”, remembered Vitalii’s first teacher Antonina Novak. “I remember him as a pupil of the first class, cheerful, blue-eyed, with a fair forelock… And in all the school photos Vitali for some reason was in the center. Being an adult, he also didn’t divide people into good or bad. He was able to find a common language with everyone and also communicate with children.  He loved his nephews very much. I still remember how Vitalii said that when he got married, he would invite me to the wedding. I did not think that I would be on such wedding…”

He dreamed of being a military man. The teachers still remember the class where Vitalii Tyshkun studied. You know, a village school is small. In classes there could be 8 students but there were 16 students in his class. Vitalii had never been on his own. It was he who cared of gifts for the girls on 8th March and in general he worried about everyone.

“He was a leader. And the company of our guys-classmates still gathers regularly. Vitalii was always a fighter for justice so it was not surprising that he went to war to defend Ukraine”, tells his classmate Ivanna Antoniuk. Vitalii was the only of our class who was in ATO. 10 years have passed since we finished school. We planned a meeting in the spring. But it happened that we gathered at the funeral of Vitalii”.

He died in October while the military mission was implemented. Vitalii Tyshkun had parents, an elder brother and nephews, and he loved them very much. He was buried in his native village of Badivka, Ostroh region.

By Tetiana  Ilnytska, Rivne


Vitalii Tyshkun (08.25.1991-11.10.2016)