Ставський Віталій Миколайович (03.09.1991- 03.09.2014)

Vitalii skyi was born on September 3, 1991, in the town of Kostopil.  He graduated from Kostopil Secondary School №6. Vitalii was a pupil of local Regional Lyceum-Boarding School with sports profile. Vitalii became the champion of Ukraine in Greek-Roman wrestling when he was 16 (the year of 2007), and later he became a Master of Sports in Greek-Roman wrestling.

In October 2011, he served according to the contract at the Military Unit A0284 in the city of Lviv. Vitalii got the rank of Junior Sergeant. The paratrooper died on the day of his birth 09.03.2014, during the attack of Russian fighters at the airport in the city of Luhansk, which was defended by paratroopers for several months.

The visitation with the serviceman of the 80th Air Cavalry Brigade was on September 7, 2014.

Vitalii was posthumously decorated with the Medal “For the Defense of Luhansk Airport”.

According to the Presidential Executive Order №282/2015 on May 23, 2015, Vitalii was posthumously decorated with the Third Class Order for Bravery “for personal courage and high professionalism demonstrated in the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and loyalty to the military oath”.

Was buried on the twentieth …

Days of mourning were announced in Kostopil region on Saturday and Sunday.

Rivne region said goodbye to three dead soldiers. In Rivne 21-year-old Oleksandr Borysenko went the last way and 31-year-old Ruslan Salivonchyk and 23-year-old Vitalii Stavskyi in the Kostopil region. Since the beginning of the fighting, twenty of our countrymen have already died in the Donbas.

The traffic was blocked in the center of Rivne on Saturday afternoon. The city escorted the last way of 21-year-old Alexander Borysenko. Inhabitant of Rivne served as a soldier in the 30th individual mechanized brigade of  Novohrad Volynskyi in Zhytomyr region and died in the ATO zone in the east of Ukraine.

Having gathered for an extraordinary meeting and having started it from a minute of silence, members of the city executive committee of the city council allocated funds for burial  on Friday . The same day Alexander was taken to Rivne, to the parents’ home in the house in Korolenko Street, 4. On Saturday the coffin with the body of the hero was taken to the St. Pokrova Cathedral, and after the funeral procession went to the cemetery “New”. Alexander was buried near the dead heroes of the “Heavenly Hundred”.

In Kostopil region mourning days were announced on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday parents, relatives and thousands of residents of the town bid farewell to the 31-year-old captain of the militia Ruslan Salivonchyk, who fought in the battalion of special purpose “Kherson” and died in the “green corridor” near Ilovaisk.

Ruslan was born in Kostopil, studied in Zaporizhzhia Law Institute, and later worked for six years in the criminal prosecution sector of the police station in the Kakhovka region. With the onset of an anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, he volunteered to join the Kherson battalion. Colleagues from the Kherson police, who came to the burial of their friend, told residents of Kostopil that during the ATO he had a callous a Positive for his truly positive character. And when the commander of the battalion died in the battle, he did not hesitate to take control of himself at the moment. Ruslan Salivonchyk had a small daughter. The leadership and police personnel of the Kherson region expressed their sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased and promised that he would forever remain an example of courage, heroism and self-sacrifice for them.

On Sunday residents of Kostopil also bid farewell to 23-year-old Vitalii Stavskyi, who was a fighter of the 80th airmobile brigade (Lviv city) and died in the zone of the ATO in the region of Luhansk. Vitalii Stavskyi was a pupil of the Kostopil Region Lyceum-boarding school of sports profile, champion of Ukraine-2007 (Rivne), master of sports on Greco-Roman wrestling. Since October 2011, the fighter has been contracted in the military part in Lviv.

On Sunday evening, the residents of Kostopil came with candles and lamps to the monument to Taras Shevchenko to pray for the killed soldiers and to say that the heroes do not die, but always live in our hearts, and we must remember this. To pray there also came soldiers on a short vacation from eastern Ukraine, they were applauded and chanted: “Thank you!”.

A memorial plaque was opened to Vitalii Stavskyi in the Kostopil Lyceum-boarding school

On September 3 last year, 23-year-old inhabitant of Kostopil Vitalii Stavskyi was killed in a battle with Russian militants near Luhansk. The guy was a fighter of the 80th aeromobile brigade with a dislocation in Lviv.

Vitalii was a pupil of the Kostopil Oblast Lyceum-boarding school of physical culture and sports. In 2007, he became the champion of Ukraine in the Greco-Roman wrestling among young men. Then he completed the standard of master of sports. Since October 2011, he served on a contract in the military part of the Lviv city.

On Wednesday, May 20, at the initiative of the Directorate, the memorial plaque was officially opened to Vitalii Stavskyi in the Kostopil Lyceum-boarding school. This event was confined to the line-requiem, on which sports school students and educators mentioned the short but bright life of their graduate. Mother of the deceased hero Irina Kovtko, members of his family and close friends were invited to the line. Mikhail Basiuk, who had to perform in many competitions with Vitalii, delivered the body of a friend to his home. He said that he had communicated with the fellow brothers of our countryman. They all have a good opinion about him. They said that in battle, as in sports, he was stubborn and held to the end.

The right to open a memorial plaque on the wall of the sports hall was given to the mother of the fierce hero Irina Kovtko, the director of the boarding school Daryna Tarhonii and senior coach of the Greco-Roman wrestling department Ivan Ladonenko. After laying flowers on the board and putting the lamps, it was consecrated by the priest Volodymyr Chelii, the rector of the St.Peter-Pavlo church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate. In the end, all members of the line in the spiritual union turned to the Almighty with the prayer “God, Great, One.”

A monument to the paratroopers of 80 brigade who died in the ATO zone was opened in Lviv

On Sunday, August 2, 2015 in Lviv, where there are 80 brigades, there were celebrations with the participation of military, command, local authorities and families who lost relatives in the zone of the ATO and those whose relatives still serve in the East. On the central alley of 80 separate airmobile brigades, they opened a monument to the paratroopers who died in the liberation war against Russian aggression.It is stamped the of soldiers-paratroopers, who have always been in the forefront, and executed the most important tasks in the most terrible directions. They gave their most dearest, their lives, so that the explosions of shells and devastation did not approach us. Among them is the younger sergeant, our countryman –  Vitalii Stavskyi.

Memorial to Heroes of Ukraine

On August 23 on the Day of State Flag of Ukraine in Kostopil there was a grand opening of the Memorial to the Heroes of Ukraine.

It became a significant event for the local community, the families of the dead. On the memorial there were stemped the names of the heroes of Heavenly Hundred and the countrymen deceased during the ATO in the east of the country: Vitalii Stavskyi, Ruslan Salivonchyk, Serhii Golovchak and Roman Pyiasiuk.

У Костополі встановили Меморіал Героям України

Ex-head of the Kostopil Region State Administration Yurii Kuzniuk on his Facebook page expressed his gratitude to all those who are not indifferent who joined this holy deed, and with the help of the picture illustrated the chronology of the implementation of restoration works and the improvement of the adjoining territory. Yurii Kuzniuk also named by name all the benefactors who provided financial assistance (funds, construction materials or directly performed work) for this holy deed.

A year passed since the tragic death of the Kostopil heroes

On August 29, 2015, a year passed from the tragic day, when the first two soldiers of the Kostopil region – Ruslan Salivonchyk and Vitalii Stavskyi – were killed by the heroic death of a defendant of native Ukraine from the invaders. In memory for the dead heroes, memorial plaques are installed in the town, and their names, which forever remain in the hearts of countrymen, are immortalized at the Memorial to the Heroes of Ukraine.

On the anniversary of the death of the Fatherland’s defenders, the Mayor Yevhenii Denysiuk visited the place of their burial in the Kostopil cemetery, brought flowers and honored the memory of soldiers of ATO.



Vitalii Stavskyi (09.03.1991 – 09.03.2014)