Volodymyr was born on June 30th, 1973, in the village of Postiine, Kostopil Raion. After finishing school, he studied at Rivne Vocational School №11, where he obtained the qualification of a fitter. Shortly afterward, Volodymyr served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was occupied with housekeeping.

Volodymyr Zhuk was mobilized by the Raion Recruiting Station of Kostopil to a Military Unit A 4152 in March 2015.

A soldier from Kostopil Raion and a senior sergeant Volodymyr Zhuk died on January 2nd, 2016, in the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone due to a sudden cardiac arrest.

The deceased left a wife and two small sons Vitalii and Eduard.

The memorial plaque to commemorate Volodymyr Zhuk was opened permanently

On the first day of 2016, the life of Volodymyr Zhuk ended due to a sudden cardiac arrest in the ATO zone. He lived in the Postiine village.

Last year, Volodymyr was mobilized on March 12th and sent to the 24th mechanized brigade in Yavoriv. On May 6th, he was going to the Svatove city, Luhansk Oblast, as a driver-rocket launcher of the company of material support. On June 28th, he was awarded a diploma for his courage and diligent performance of his duties during the anti-terrorist operation on the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast. Volodymyr Zhuk was a great example of the strength and invincibility of the Ukrainian spirit.

And on May 6th, a commemorative plaque was opened in honor of the hero. It is on the wall of Postiine Secondary School, where Volodymyr studied. On this occasion, a school assembly took place in the schoolyard. In addition, there were students, teachers, village authorities, and residents, the chairman of the Raion State Administration Oleksandr Sereda, deputy chairman of the Rivne Oblastal State Administration Oksana Kiptel, the Head of the department of education of the Rivne Oblast State Administration N. Belianovskyi, the deputy of the city council N. Pavlovska.

The Postiine Secondary School Headmaster Oleksander Zhuk, the Head of the Rivne Oblastal State Administration Oleksandr Sereda, the village chairman Mykola Zhuk made speeches there.

Students prepared some performances on the biography of Volodymyr Zhuk.

The honor to open the commemorative plaque was given to the mother of Hero Lesia and his wife, Svitlana. Later, it was consecrated by the priest of the local church Father Olexandr



Volodymyr Zhuk (06.30.1973-01.02.2016)