Ihor Voloshyn was born on November 17, 1985, in the city of Rivne. He studied at the local Center of Hope School.  He graduated from the Rivne Cooperative Professional College of Economics and Law and the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering where he was a student of the Economics Faculty. Ihor worked as an economist in the bank.

On May 16, 2014, he was called up to serve in the army (according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine # 454/2014 on “Partial mobilization in Ukraine”, dated May 6, 2014) by Dnipro regional military commissariat. Ihor served as a senior sergeant in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and machine gunner of the 39th territorial defense battalion “Dnipro-2”.

The twenty-eight-year-old soldier died at the checkpoint near the village of Kamianka, Donetsk Region on July 21, 2014. At 7 p.m. a minibus filled with explosive drove to the checkpoint and blew up. As a result, five soldiers, including Ihor Voloshyn, were killed.

Ihor was buried in the “Nove” Cemetery in Rivne alongside the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred on July 26, 2014.

According to the Presidential Executive Order, “for personal valor and heroism demonstrated in the protection of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, he was posthumously awarded with the Order “For Courage” III class.

On September 17, 17, the City Council of Rivne issued a decree conferring Ihor Voloshyn the title of “Honorary Citizen of the city of Rivne.”

Publications about Voloshyn I.A.
Our son lived as an ordinary boy but came back as a hero, – parents of the deceased soldier from Rivne.

Anatolii and Nataliia – parents of the deceased senior sergeant Ihor Voloshyn, received the Order “For Courage” III class, that their son was posthumously awarded with.

The acting military commissar of Rivne Region military commissariat colonel Mykhailo Tverdokhlib and the mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko said words of the sympathy concerning the lost and the gratitude for upbringing the patriot and defender.

Our son has gone so that other could return

We, as the parents of the deceased soldier, express sincere gratitude to all who supported us during this tough time and shared our grief, namely: regional and city authorities of Rivne; Rivne Region and city military commissariat; district consuming unit administration of Rivne; the head of Rivne Region trade union organization of worker’s consuming cooperation; director and trade union committee of Rivne Cooperative Professional College of Economics and Law; and to all not indifferent residents of Rivne.

The considerable part of the funds we gave as a support to the sworn brothers of our son – soldiers of 39th “Dnipro-2” battalion that continues to fight for our Ukraine in difficult conditions. Owing to the support “Ruievyt” fund, local entrepreneurs, and businessmen, Ihor’s friends, on Thursday, 7th of August in 2014 military uniform, provisions, water and other necessary stuff were sent to the ATO zone.

We, as Ihor’s parents, are convinced that today is the time when everyone must worry about countrie’s destiny and show their civil position:  to support the army with funds, to become a volunteers or just make a feasible contribution to volunteer “basket” for the sake of peace.

Let’s help people who are alive!

Mother of the deceased ATO hero has become a volunteer: “I’ll do everything so that other mothers’ sons will not die”

The twenty-eight-year-old division “Dnipro-2” battalion commander Ihor Voloshyn died on the checkpoint near the village Kamianka in Donetsk Region. As mass-media reported, terrorist-bomber had exploded himself when Ukrainian soldiers came up to him to check his documents.

It should be recalled, that during the terrorist act on our checkpoint 5 soldiers from “Dnipro-2” battalion were killed. Journalists reported that explosion was set by a suicide bomber. But Ihor Voloshyn’s comrades and friends do not believe it. They say that the driver probably did not know about anything. He probably was asked to transport the load where explosive was hidden: terrorists “drove” the car to the checkpoint and then remotely pushed a destruct button.

– Ihor was a man of his words, he was respected, – tells the best friend of the deceased soldier Ivan Chebukin. He called me from the ATO zone and told about the situation there. Once, asked me to deliver flowers to his girlfriend Kateryna – cornflowers, and a day before his death on 20th of July he said that he was given 3-day vacation. He wanted to get acquainted with Kateryna’s parents, he said that single life was already sufficient for him. The next day he was killed…

Hundreds of Rivne residents came to say goodbye to the man. The coffin, covered with Ukrainian flag, was carried by his sworn brothers.

– It was difficult to look at Ihor’s mother without tears – he was her only child, – remembers Ivan Chebukin. – But she is a strong woman and brought Ihor up in the same way – he did not complain, didn’t fear, didn’t betray. He was a real friend. It’s still difficult to think that we won’t see each other ever again. And that I cannot call him anymore.

Before the war Ihor worked as an economist in the bank. He went to the battlefield as a volunteer. The hero’s mother tells about her son with a smile through the tears: as if when she talks she runs through happy moments, when he was alive, again and again.

– My every birthday I opened my eyes and saw a bouquet of flowers: the son quietly woke up in the morning, bought flowers and brought them into my room, – she says. He was one of those people who don’t spent money on themselves but give the best to their near and dear ones. I remember how many times I dragged him along to the market to buy some new clothes for him and he persuaded to buy a new jacket for me. And he was satisfied, he smiled, his eyes were happy.

Ihor Voloshyn’s mother till the last moment didn’t know that her son was fighting against terrorists in the hottest points of Donetsk Region: he told that he was standing with his subdivision on the Zaporizhzhia Region border.

– I asked him: “Boring, mom, we don’t do anything here. Everything is fine.”   I did not know that he was on the first checkpoint from Donetsk, – tells Natalia. – He never complained, he always told us that everything was fine. Only once casually, when he was happy that their subdivision received tents and derby shoes, he said:  “Now we will live better!” I asked him where he was sleeping till that moment. He sighed, understood that it is time to say the truth: “On the ground, mom.”

To go to the ATO zone he bought his equipment with his own money and took some cash with him – for provision. But the first purchase that he made spending almost all his money – a Ukrainian flag.

– On the 20th of July he called me and said that he was given the vacation for 3 days, – recalls Natalia. – I was happy! My son was coming home… I have never waited for someone like that, I looked at the clock every minute. To take myself up with something and prepare for his coming I painted the kitchen, cooked holubtsi and other dishes he liked. I did not call him because we agreed that he would call when he had an opportunity. I thought he was coming; he would be home soon. And then, my husband told me that our son was killed. The battalion commander informed him about that…

Natalia says that now her mission is to help boys, Ukrainian soldiers on the front. She is a volunteer. She and other volunteers sent 3 autos with provision, uniform, defense facilities to the front.

– If our help will save at least one son and he will come back home to his mother – I will know that I have done everything necessary, she says. – I will do everything I can so that other mothers’ sons would not die and come back home…

On the building of the Center of Hope School was opened the memorial plaque to the Rivne Hero (video)

On the building of specialized Center of Hope School was opened the memorial plaque to deceased in ATO resident of Rivne Ihor Voloshyn.

Ukraine Officers Union funded and initiated instalation of the memorial plaque.  The right to open the memorial plaque was given to the mayor Volodymyr Khomko, the mother of the deceased soldier Natalia and to the head of the Ukraine Officers Union Anatolii Matviichuk.

– It is a pity that such young men are passing away. They are still kids for me, – says Rivne mayor Volodymyr Khomko. – We can’t bring them back. But they are wonderful. I want to express sympathy to the mother, she lost the most precious thing in her life. I want to thank her for bringing up the son like him.

– From the time when our school was created, we are gathered the second time for the mournful minute, – says the principal of Center of Hope School. Few years ago, we came to honour the first principal Nadia Myronovych. And now we honour her pupil – Ihor Voloshyn. I am convinced that when Ihor was standing on the Maidan and went to the East he was ruled by his civil duty.




Ihor Voloshyn (11.17.1985-07.21.2014)