Anatolii Havryliuk was born on November 11, 1980, in the town of Korets, Rivne Region.  After graduating from Korets secondary school № 1, he entered Myrohoshcha Agricultural College.  There, he submitted a report for the contract service. Anatolii served as a peacemaker in Kosovo, Libya, and Iraq. Within less than fifteen years of service, he managed to be in eight hot spots, Donbas was the ninth one. He fought as a part of the 80th Airmobile Brigade. Anatolii Havryliuk died on September 5, 2014, in the Ilovaisk Cauldron near the town of Shchastia, not far from Luhansk, as a result of the fight with a Russian raiding division. He was buried at the Korets Сemetery near the Church of Saint George.

According to the Presidential Executive Order № 282/2015 on May 23, 2015, Anatolii Havryliuk was posthumously awarded the Order “For Courage” III class “for personal courage and high professionalism demonstrated in the defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath”.

Publications about Anatoliy Havryliuk
Dreams torn by war

Anatolii Havryliuk, the ensign of the Ukainian army was heroically killed in the ATO zone. He served and lived in Lviv, but was buried in his native land in Korets. For almost fifteen years of military service, Anatolii Havryliuk went to eight hot spots of the world. Donbass was the ninth and sadly the fatal one. – We with all the family prayed for him, so that he would survive in a foreign countries, but death caught him in his native Ukraine, – said cousin Valentina with a sad voice. – It happened in the Ilovaisk Cauldron, when their armoured personnel carrier colony were breaking out though the “green corridor” from the encirclement. That is when the separatists shot them. Anatolii Havryliuk dreamed about the military service for a long time. He was inspired by the example of his grandfather Oleksii, who disabled returned from the front, but with military awards. He often told his grandson about his days at the front, fellow soldiers who fought together with him. He told, how he, been seriously injured, managed to survive, and how he lost his friends on the battlefield. Having got the diploma of an agronomist, Anatolii went to the army. There, he submitted a report for the contract service. He risked his life in Iraq, Libya, and Kosovo many times. At the age of 34 he already had numerous military awards. But Anatolii Havryliuk was not destined live to his birthday, till November 11th. This time, his relatives spent his birthday in grief and sorrow, mourning him in the church and on the grave. They remembered Anatolii’s short, but bright life that he gave for the sake of the Motherland. He was loyal to the oath of office, brave, energetic and sociable. He said: “If you cannot do something good, then do not do evil.” Besides that he was a jack-of-all-trades. Valentina continues, – I remember how after the marriage my brother’s got a dorm room. He made nice repairs by himself. And when he returned from a usual work trip from abroad, he brought his parents a souvenir, made by his own hands, and called it “The House of My Dreams”. He said: “It soon will be my family fairytale house with a garden, fountain, and paths. I need only peace, to make my dreams true.” His parents still have his gift; it reminds them about their son. As well as numerous photographs, one of which was made after his parachute jump. On the back of the picture, is the inscription: “This jump is devoted to my dear daughter Oleksandra …” She is five now, and she is still waiting for her daddy…

On the photo: Anatolii Havryliuk with his daughter Olexandra, cousin Valentina and a niece.

Andrii Pavlovskyi

The memory of the deceased in the ATO was honored in Korets

On Wednesday, November 26, memorial plaques were opened in Кorets in honor of the soldiers who were killed in the war in the East of Ukraine. The first one was installed on the wall of the local lyceum, where Taras Lyashuk graduated from , and the second – on the facade of the school, where Anatolii Havryliuk graduated from. The opening was attended by the deputy chairman of the regional council Stepan Pavliuk, chairman of the Korets District council Mariia Mykhalska, acting director chairman of the Korets Regional State Administration Oleksii Karpusha and mayor of Korets Liudmyla Dmytruk.

Memorable signs were made for free by the sculptor from Netishyn, Svitlana Leliakh-Behutova. She worked on them for two weeks. In particular, she noted:

– It realy hurts for the events that take place in our country. I am connected with Korets, here is part of my life, so I cannot stand aside with what is happening here. The idea to create a memorial plaque appeared when Anatolii Havryliuk was buried. Therefore, I decided to honor the feat of the dead heroes. I appealed to the mayor Liudmyla Dmytruk; got all the permissions, bought the boards and started to work. It is gratifying that such a significant and important event was held in a high level, many guests came to the opening to honor the memory of Anatolii Havryliuk and Taras Lyashuk.

Now every student at the Korets Lyceum will be looking at the memorial plaque that will overwhelm the memory of the graduates of this institution, Taras Lyashuk, who served by the contract in the 30th mechanized brigade. He was a deputy commander of the combat vehicle, and on August 11th heroically died in a battle near the village Stepanivka in the Donetsk Region.

Ensign Anatolii Havryliuk, who graduated from the  Korets secondary school № 1, served as a part of the 80th separate high-mobile landing brigade, and on September the 5th, fulfilling his duty, died in the city Schastya near Lugansk in a battle with Russian saboteurs. Till the last breath he defended the Ukrainian land from terrorists and invaders. Now Anatolii’s eternal feat resembles a memorial plaque on the wall of his school.

Olena Ostapchuk, the headmaster of Korets secondary school № 1: “I remember him as a slim, cheerful, smart guy who chatted well with classmates. He was very active; had a firm life position.”

Valentyna Mykytchuk, the cousin of the deceased: “He is my younger brother, but he supported, helped and gave advice to me. He took care of his relatives. It is difficult to realize that he is not with us anymore. ”

Iryna Mykhalevych 


Glory to the hero

New day comes, my son

And you haven’t got it anymore.

You loved Ukraine very much

But  the war destroyed everything.

How will the trees be without you

Which you planted in the garden?

And flowers, and grass, and heaven,

And Korets, that you loved?

The city came to meet you,

People are mourning, the earth is crying.

Tears are flowing like a river, my child,

How sad is your house.

White-haired and children

And your friends and brothers.

And flowers, a lot of them, mychild,

Bowed their heads.

And “Glory to the hero” – sounds.

You defended your Fatherland.

And bravely, like a hero

Put life on the altar.

A star came down from the sky.

The bell rises, the earth mocks.

Ukrainians do not want to fight

This grief has come from the Kremlin.

In a joint prayer to God

“Our Father” say my lips.

Although a short life road,

That magnificent way feat.

Memory will live forever in the people,

In trees, colorful flowers.

You flew high into the heaven,

As a proud unbroken bird.

Mariia Denysiuk, Korets, 2014


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Anatolii Havryliuk (11.11.1980-09.05.2014)