Taras Liashuk was born on December 20, 1986, in the town of Korets, Rivne Oblast. He studied at Novokoretsk School №2, and from 2000 – in Korets “School-Lyceum”. Shortly afterward, Taras studied at the Radio-electronics College of Zaporizhzhia. Also, he graduated from the Classical Private University with the major in computer programming and information technologies. From 2013, Taras served in the Armed Forces on the contract basis.

In the spring, a 28-year-old man was conscripted into the 30th Mechanized Brigade of Novohrad-Volynskyi. After that, he was sent to the Zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. Taras served as a second in the command of fighting machine in the 30th Mechanized Brigade.

The junior sergeant died on September 11, 2014, in battles near the village of Stepanivka, Shakhtarsk Raion, Donetsk Oblast. He was buried at the cemetery in the village of Novyi Korets, Korets Raion, Rivne Oblast.

On the facade of the local lyceum, a commemorative plaque was opened to Taras Liashuk.

According to the Presidential Executive Order № 270/2015 on April 15, 2015, he was posthumously awarded the Third Class Order For Bravery “for personal courage and high professionalism demonstrated during the defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, fidelity to the military oath”.

Publication about Taras Lyashuk
Don’t cry, Mom, I was destined to it …

Last Saturday, August 16, will forever remain a black page in the book of Korets region history. This day all people here cried and grieved about our brother Taras Lyashuk whose heart stopped by his 27th year of life. For a long time, the mother of the deceased hero will cry from an inexpressible pain, and people will say, “He was destined to it” in support. Taras was born on December 20, 1986. He started his schooling in Novokoretsk School #2 and finished in Korets Lyceum. Later he graduated from the Radio Electronics College and university in Zaporizhzhia with specialization “Programming and Information Technologies”.

Life was at the very beginning. The boy, full of strength and youth, had a lot of dreams and plans but first at all he had an eternal desire to live, create, and be happy. But the destiny ordered in another way. After conversation with classmates and friends of Taras Lyashuk and considering his photo, I understand that their words are not pathetical and false. All that people say about this boy is true.

Olga Hrabovska, the boy’s classmate, says, “In my perception he was good, cheerful and modest boy first at all. Inside he was soft, tolerant, and open, with kind eyes and pleasant smile. Taras was a good companion, attentive and interesting to everything people say. Also he was a good storyteller. He always can express his own opinion. A company with him was comfortable and cozy. Recently, we met with our classmates after graduating from the school, as ten years passed after it. At the invitation Taras answered with sadness, “I really want to see all of you but unfortunately I have a military service. But I always be with you together in my thoughts.” For our Taras, military duty is above all.

Classmate of Taras, Nataliia Roi remembers, “He was benevolent and sensitive person. He always helped everyone and never left anyone in trouble. You could always lean on him. He was first who can help you. He was a bright person who made this world better. And the fact that he died for Ukraine proves that he tried to change everything for better”

Classmate of Taras, Olga Bobrova speaks about him only in good words, “Taras was good, sensitive, responsible, and courageous person with a good sense of humor. He was always ready to help. He smiled frankly, and this simple smile had something that changed the world every day. Unfortunately, the destiny measured a little time for him. I cannot believe that he is dead. It’s like a nightmare dream. I compassion his family. ”

In the military rank of “Junior sergeant conscript” in spring he was mobilized to the 30th mechanized brigade to Novograd Volynsky, Zhytomyr region. Later he was sent to the East of Ukraine. On August 11, he died during combat missions in the ATO zone. This terrible news shook the neighborhood. Being so young Taras Lyashuk gave his life for us, for our state. Often, at this age, the bright people are taken away to God. Maybe it’s an accident or maybe Taras was called there, to heavens for greater tasks? We as terrestrial people are extremely sad. He could do many interesting and very important things. Now his image will overcome time and space in the light thoughts of everyone, remain as a symbol of patriotism, and will be our conscience until the end of our days.

The commemorative plaque to Taras Lyashuk, the graduate of the lyceum, died in the ATO zone was opened in Korets

Junior sergeant Taras Lyashuk had been studying in the Korets Lyceum for 4 year. After finishing the school he entered Radio Electronics College in Zaporizhzhia and later graduated from the Classical Private University. In spring 2014, 28-year-old youngster was mobilized to 30th mechanized brigade in Novograd Volynsky, and later he was sent to the ATO. On August 16, he died while completing combat mission.

In order the future generations of lyceum students know about the heroic actions of the graduate, the local artist Svetlana Lelyakh created a memorial plaque, which was placed on the building of the school. Educators, representatives of the authorities, and the clergy honoured the deceased young man with a minute of silence.



Dedicated to Taras Lyashuk

Crying of the Fatherland!

Embark on a banner

Touched your forehead

Sorrow goes into the house,

The bad news brought war.

It`s a pity, my beloved son

That you have died early.

I have embroidered you a shirt

You didn’t end it up

I was happy, my son, by you

Laying a path of the flowers

Where did you walk in the morning dew

You climbed up to heaven like a bird.

Protecting our Fatherland

You don’t spared a young life

Heroically, how pertain it to son

This is forever left alive!

The cranes were rounded up

And they fell into heaven.

Mother crying when son is dead

Stop it!

Can you hear me?

Kreml’ horde, go away!

Early in the morning

Pray to God!

When silver is covered the grass

You loved your Fatherland

And now it is only memory


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Taras Liashuk (12.20.1986 – 08.11.2014)