Черніченко Олександр Анатолійович
(19.04.1968 – 29.03.2015)

Oleksandr was born in the family of a serviceman on April 19, 1968, in the town of Pidvolochynsk, Khmelnytskyi Oblast. There he went to school. Due to his father’s service, the family moved to the city of Odessa, where the young man studied. Oleksandr obtained his professional education in the Agricultural Technical School in Moldova.

He was called up for regular service to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After graduating from School of Warrants and Khmelnytskyi Academy of State Border Guard Service, Oleksandr was sent to the city of Chernivtsi. Performing the service duties of the Chief of Shcherbin Outpost, Oleksandr got injured in 1993. After the treatment, he continued his service in the city of Rivne. In 2008, in a rank of Captain Oleksandr was transferred to the reserve. Later, Oleksandr went to work at Volochysk Utility Enterprise «ZHEK».

In 2014, Oleksandr voluntarily went to Rivne Military Office, from where he was mobilized and sent to the 72nd Guards Mechanized Krasnohradsk-Kyiv Order of Red Flag Brigade.

From January 2015, Olkesandr was in the ATO Zone, he served as the Deputy Commander of the armament of the 4th Mechanized Squadron of the 2nd Mechanized Battalion.

Oleksander died on March 29, 2015, as a result of mortar shelling of positions near the village of Hranitne, Volnovakha Raion, Donetsk Oblast.

He was buried in the town of Volochynsk, Khmelnytskyi Oblast.

The hero Oleksander Chernychenko left his mother, sisters, wife Oksana and 10-year-old son Maksym.

According to the Presidential Executive Order №9/2016 on January 16, 2016, Oleksandr was posthumously decorated with the Third Class Order of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi “for personal courage and high professionalism demonstrated in the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath”. Moreover, he was conferred a title of “Honorary Citizen of the City of Rivne”.

Chernichenko Oleksandr A. (04.19.1968 – 03.29.2015)