Maksym Medviediev was born on December 10, 1983, in the city of Rivne.  He held the rank of soldier, gunner, and paratrooper of the 95th Air-Mobile Brigade in the city of Zhytomyr. Maksym served in the 55th Signal Brigade on the contract basis in the city of Rivne. As a part of the brigade, he was in the Zone of ATO (the Anti-Terrorist Operation). Having served in the 55th Signal Brigade in the Zone of ATO, he volunteered for military service according to the partial mobilization after a quick rest. Maksym was sent for the conversion training to the 95th Brigade. During the conversion training on a military training area in Zhytomyr Oblast, Maksym suffered a heart attack that caused his death the day before sending to the Zone of ATO.

Maksym lived in Rivne and spent his childhood with grandparents in the village of Myrohoshcha.

At his wish, Maksym was buried at the cemetery in Myrohoshcha, Dubno Raion, Rivne Oblast.

The soldier left a wife and a son.

According to the Decree of the City Council of Rivne №5756 on September 17, 2015, Maksym Medviediev was conferred the title of Honorary Citizen of Rivne.


Publications about Medviediev M.A

Rivne farewell with the heroes of ATO on knees

Rivne is in mourning again. From yesterday morning to the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CHAMBER of the City House of Culture, there was an endless stream of wreaths and flowers of the equations to pay tribute to the memory of the ATO heroes. Hundreds residents of the city, kneeling, escorted to the last path  their fellow countrymen – 20-year-old Yevgenii Repin and 31-year-old Maksym Medviediev. Without hiding tears, people chanted: “Heroes don’t die!” The war took life of 31-year-old paratrooper of the 95th airmobile brigade of Maksym Medviediev in the east of Ukraine. After serving on a contract at the 55th Communications Brigade in the ATO zone, he came home for a short rest and returned as voluntarily in order of partial mobilization.  Maksym suffered irreparable heart attack, which turned into death, during the refresher training at the military training ground in Zhytomyr region.

Friends, sisters  (with whom he was in the zone of the ATO), representatives of the government and hundreds of equations came to say goodbye to the hero and express condolences to his relatives, because the warrior-paratrooper gave his life for us that we could  live in the independent country.

Firstly, people, kneeling, bid farewell to Maksym Medviediev, who was taken to a burial place in the village of the Dubenskii district. And then the mourning farewell to Yevgenii Repin went from the city house of culture to the Holy Protection Cathedral, where the victims died in a prayer service. Yevgenii Repin was buried in Rivne on the Heroes’ avenue.



His brotherhood say – To carry on to the last path  his brother – the hardest loss, and the heart bloodshed when you remember his lively, smiling, happy. He was a wonderful person, a real patriot, but still very sincere and cheerful. It is difficult for us to talk about this in the past, because now it is not believed that he is no longer alive. It’s very annoying and painful to pick up the best, but we are strong, we win the desired victory over the enemy together.



The memory of the nineteen Heroes of Rivne was opened on the holiday of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God and on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine, on 14 October, 2015 in the center of  Rivne next to the Holy Resurrection Cathedral and the city’s lore – the mother of God Colony. A memory board for the ATO and Maidan Heroes was arranged at the crossroads of Soborna Street and July 16th Street. There are photos of the sixteen dead Rivne ATO soldiers and three Heroes of the Heavens hundred on the board.



Maksym Medviediev (12.10.1983 – 03.23.2015)