Eduard Danilov was born on August 4th in the city of Pinsk, Belarus. He studied at the Vasylkiv Military Aeronautical Technical Academy in 1985-1988.

From 1988 to 2001, Eduard served as a senior aircraft maintenance technician in Dubno Military Unit.

From 1996 till the unit disbandment, he was a commanding officer of the technical exploitation unit of the bomber air regiment of the bomber aviation division.

Eduard served as a senior aircraft maintenance technician in the military unit from 2001-2004.

He took part in the United Nations peacekeeping missions twice: the first time in 2004 in Sierra Leone and the second – in 2005 in Liberia. Eduard was presented twice with the United Nations Medals “For the Service of Peace.”

In the winter of 2014, he was participating in Maidan in Kyiv. On March 24th, 2014, Eduard was conscripted to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by a recruiting station of Dubno and Radyvyliv and sent to the military unit in the town of Kalyniv. At the beginning of August, he was transferred to the military company of Chuhuiv town to carry out the counter-terrorist operation.

Eduard Danilov died of pneumonia on August 19th.

He left his wife and daughter Alina.

Among our countrymen, the first wounded have appeared, one officer deceased

It was reported to us on Wednesday by the military commissar Sergei Tsaruk. All three warriors were slightly injured; there is no threat to the soldiers’ lives.

Popyk Yevgen from the village Semyduby is having treatment for a shrapnel head wound at Rivne hospital.

Rukher Yaroslav from the Ozeryany village received burns of the upper respiratory tract due to an explosion. In Kyiv, a 22-year-old soldier Aleksey Ignatov has a shrapnel wound of the collarbone, joint, and forearm in the Ministry of Defense Hospital. On Wednesday, the mayor Vasyl Antonyuk visited him. He brought a relatively substantial amount of money (which he asked not to mention), sweets, cookies from Dubno manufacturers. The fourth Alexei injury, the first three fractured wounds of arms and legs, he treated locally, but now the collarbone has been shattered. The bone will have to be lengthened. The guy seems unhinged and wants to head to the front. Also, the mayor visited Roman Fedorin from the Ptycha village, who lost a foot due to injury. Roman holds up, smiles, but there is sadness in his eyes. In general, Antonyuk’s stay in the hospital made a two-sided impression.

On the one hand, he feels terrible for the crippled twenties, who are the plenty. And on the other hand, they have such a fighting spirit that is hard to describe, and everyone is eager to rush back to the front lines like a bee to a honey pot. They know that a column of Russian tanks has arrived in Lugansk, but they say they will burn them all. However, there is sad news. Our countryman, the captain of the Ukrainian Air Force, helicopter pilot Danilov Eduard Veniaminovich died in the ATO zone. He was called for duty from reserve on March 25th and served at the front. Eduard Danilov passed away in his sleep due to heart failure.

Getting through various “hot spots,” including Sierra Leone, Eduard tragically died on the front line defending Ukraine. Everlasting memory to hero! Let Lord pass his soul.




Eduard Danilov (08.04.1968-08.19.2014)