Швець Сергій Олександрович
(20.07.1975 – 25.06. 2015)

Serhii  Shvets was born on July 20, 1975, in the town of Dubno. He graduated from Dubno Secondary School №6 and Dubno Vocational School, worked at various jobs.  On May 13, 2015, Serii was conscripted. He did not have a family, that is why, he went to serve, though, remained the only son of his mother. The elder son and a husband of his mother were already buried earlier. Unfortunately, the soldier of the 2nd Separate Motorized Infantry Battalion of Operational Command “Pivnich”, a communication agent didn’t serve for long.

Serhii was killed near the village of Luhanske, Artemivsk Raion, Donetsk Oblast. Serhii Shvets didn’t live three weeks till his fortieth anniversary.  He died on the night of June 25, 2015. In the evening Serhii talked to his mom, Halyna, who did not suspect anything wrong and did not think that it was the last talk with him. In the morning of June 26, comrades-in-arms brought his body by the battalion sanitary truck to the town of Dubno.

The funeral of the serviceman was held on June 27 at 12.00 in the town of Dubno.

The publications about Shvets’ Sergiy

How the soldier of “Horyn'”, the citizen of Dubno Serhiy Shvets’ died

The war took another our countryman. On June 25, a soldier of this subdivision Serhiy Shvets’ died in the place of the battalion’s “Horyn'” dislocation. This man died 3 weeks before his 40th birthday.

And in the morning of June 26 the servicemen brought the dead defender in Dubno by the battalion’s sanitary car. The guys tried to deliver the deceased comrade to his hometown as fast as possible. So, a little amount of people knew about the arrival of the sorrowful cargo 200. Despite this, hundreds of Dubno citizens came together to honor the memory of the warrior. The memorial service began on the central square at 11 o’clock. The servicemen carried the coffin with the body of Serhiy Shvets’ from the military commissariat to the Independence Square. Most people were kneeling when the soldier was carried alongside. And so , Serhiy stopped on the central square for the last time. The coffin with the soldier was placed in the center of square. There were standart bearers and a soldier with the cross standing next to him. It was an intense silence all round. Everyone was expecting the arrival of priests and the mother of Serhiy. They hadn’t come there for a long time. It is evident that news of the arrival of the deceased soldier caught everyone suddenly, so many of those , who came to honor the memory of Serhiy Shvets’, gathered and came together quickly .
The city mayor Vasyl’ Antoniuk asked everyone to be patient and wait. But here Serhiy’s mother appeared accompanied by relatives. Having seen the coffin with the body of her son, she was filled with tears. “Hands, my hands!” , cried she, shivering and touching her son’s hands. Many of present people also were crying, having heard her haughty fervor.

The priests headed by archpriest Vasyl Lozynskyi are starting the divine service. As long as the dirge lasts, the crowd of people is increasing. The church service is going to the end, and the voice of the priest shares over the maidan with the words “Eternal memory”. Women are crying loudly. The archpriest of Dubno deanery of UOC KP Vasyl Lozynskyi is pronouncing keen speech. He is accenting that died soldier Serhiy like other defenders of Ukraine didn’t give their lives in vain. They won’t lose their awards. For those who gave lives for the sake of others, there are prepared places in heavens. And we should remember and honour the memory of those who gave lives for a peaceful sky over our heads.

After the dirge farewell is beginning. The local administration including mayor Vasyl Antoniuk, the head of Dubno DSA Serhiy Parpheniuk, acting the duties of the head of district council Alexander Kozak came to bid farewell with the soldier of “Horyn”. The tens of Dubno habitants, major of whom perhaps didn’t know Serhiy, brought flowers to him. In a few minutes the coffin with the dead soldier was full of flowers. The farewell was long, almost for half an hour. Even severe from the sight Serhiy’s brother-soldiers didn’t keep back tears, when coming up to the coffin. And when the queue of people was finished and the farewell came to the end, the soldiers picked up the coffin with the deceased and carried down it solemnly by stairs from the maidan to the hearse, which was waiting on the road.

Serhiy was brought into his flat, that is in №170 Hrushevskyi street. He spent one more night at his home. And on Saturday Serhiy Alexandrovych Shvets was buried on “semydubskyi” cemetery. The funeral like the dirge was overcrowded. Relatives, soldiers, neighbours and also indifferent Dubno habitants came to bid farewell with the soldier.

Those, who came to bid farewell with the soldier on Friday and Saturday were interested in the reason of the soldier’s death a lot. A lot of people paid their attention to the big stitch which was on the top of Serhiy’s head and a spot like a bruise on his face. That is why some people decided that the stich happened to be after sewing the wound from a fragment. However, is it like that and why Serhiy died indeed?

The commander of the staff of “Horyn” battalion captain Viktor Filimonenko informed: “Serhiy Shvets died not from wounding. He didn’t get any fragmental or other wounds. Everything happened in the nigh on June 25. And on the eve Serhiy executed military mission. He was a signal operator and that day he was running a line of signaling under fire. On Thursday the enemy was firing our locations. The firing was chaotic. Mines were falling here and there. Sometimes the firing was more intensive and sometimes some shoots and then there was silence. But nobody knows when and where a mine will fall. The firing is stress, especially when you do your work on a field. The boys have strong nerves, we can’t see that they are worried. They don’t show it. But stress influences an organism. And I am sure Serhiy died because of military operations. The expert determined that the cause of death was a heart attack. And why did the heart break? Because the ma was under the stress. In the evening after the military service Serhiy felt as usual, there was no complains for anything. In the night he was sleeping in the hanged hammock in the cabin of GAZ-66. His commander was sleeping in the same GAZ. When he got up in the morning, Serhiy was still sleeping. He spoke to him but he didn’t get up. When he came up to him his body was cold. They thought it was insult, but the heart turned out to stop.”

Sergiy Shvets did not live three weeks before his fortieth birthday. He was born on July 20, 1975. As his mother Galina Fedorivna told us that her son was bachelor, so he did not leave the descendants. At one time he graduated from our vocational school. He worked at various jobs, because now is a time that there is no permanent job. And in May of this year he was taken to the army (according to the military intelligence service, Sergiy was mobilized on 05/13/2015 year). It’s a pity that he didn’t a long time served. Galina Fedorivna says that she talked with her son in the evening before his death. He told her that the whole day he was digging trenches. He was exhausted. But he did not complain about his health, he told cheerfully. Who could have thought that this was the last talk of mother and son. He was sleeping in the car. It is necessary to have a strong health that in such conditions to live, but he had a weak heart. It was written that spasm is cardiac and pulmonary edema. Whether it is or not, mother does not know exactly. Galina Fedorivna immediately drew attention to the bruised on Sergeiy’s face. «It seems that he fell down somewhere», – concluded the mother. « I do not know, what was really there.» «I am told that the heart it is, and I must believe», – with sadness says Galina Fedorivna. “I had a son and he is not there now . The eldest son also died from surgery. I had also buried my husband. And now I must to live up to my age alone.”

It’s bitter and sad when the young men die. And moreover, when they die in the war. Maybe not even in battle. One thing is, when a person dies at home and completely different somewhere else’s and you don’t know why and how. Unfortunately, you do not put your hands on it. But we can pray for the soul of Sergiy. He died there for us living here. Let’s rest with God. Our most sincerest condolences to the mother of soldier Sergiy Shvets.

Mashchenko P.

Residents of the city of Dubno were farewelled with fellow-Hero who had died in the ATO-zone

On June 26, 2015 at 11:00 on Independence Square was farewell to the soldier of the “Gorin” Battalion Sergiy Shvets, who had died from the heart attack on June 25 in the ATO zone under the settlement of Luhansk, Lugansk region. He was one of those who voluntarily went to serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and until the end fulfilled his duty as a defender of the Motherland. The city mayor of Dubno Vasiliy Antonyuk, the chairman of the Dubno rayon state administration Yuriy Parfenyuk, the deputy chairman of the district council Oleksandr Kozak, the commander of the “Goryn” battalion Oleg Bondar, the fight brothers from the “Goryn” battalion, the military men of the military unit A1519 Dubno, the public, media representatives, hundreds of indifferent people came to give honor to the hero. The priests of the Dubno city deanery of the UOC-KP, headed by the dean of. Vasyl Lozynsky served a funeral prayer. People came up to put flowers and just touch the coffin with the Hero’s body. The mourning procession was followed by kneeling, with flowers, national flags and candles in their hands.

The body of a warrior was buried on June 27 at 12.00 on the “Semidubsky” cemetery.All charges for burial was assumed by the Dubno City Council. As a sign of memory of the deceased fellow countryman Hero, Mayor Vasiliy Antoniuk signed a decree on announcements in the city on June 26 and 27, the Days of mourning. The memory of the defender of Ukraine will forever live in our hearts. Hero’s eternal memory! And eternal glory! Heroes do not die!

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Меморіальна дошка Герою Швецю Сергію Олександровичу


Memorial plaque to Hero Sergiy Shvets Olexandrovich

A memorial plaque in honor of its graduate Sergiy Shvets, who died in the Donbas, while protecting Ukraine’s independence, was opened in the Dubens’ka secondary school №6. On the solemn line-requiem on the occasion of the opening of the memorial plaque came the relatives of the deceased warrior, friends and war mates, representatives of the city authorities and the public, pupils and pedagogical teams.

Presenters lit candles and lamps, and put flowers.

Serhii Shvets (07.20.1975 – 6.25.2015)