Якимчук Тарас Володимирович (06.09.1993-24.07.2014)

Taras was born on September 6, 1993, in the village of Mizoch, Zdolbuniv Raion, Rivne Oblast. Taras was a serviceman, a soldier of the 8th Special Purpose Regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, occupied the position of a gunner. He served under contract since October 2011. Taras was one of those who spent the longest period in the zone of battle actions.

On July 24, 2014, during exploration in the suburbs of the town of Pervomaisk, the truck “KAMAZ” with the Ukrainian soldiers on board was attacked by terrorist snipers and grenade throwers.  Taras jumped out of the driver’s cabin, but a sniper hit him in the side between the plates of body armor. Seriously injured fighter was taken to the hospital by a helicopter, but didn’t survive and died on board.

On July 27, 2014, a funeral procession was held in the village of Mizoch, Zdolbuniv Raion, Rivne Oblast.

Taras was only 20 years old, he had a brother and a sister.

According to the Presidential Executive Order № 640/2014 on August 8, 2014, Yakymchuk Taras was posthumously awarded the Third Class Order “For Bravery” “for personal courage and heroism demonstrated in the defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. Moreover, he was conferred a title of “The Honorary Citizen of the City of Rivne”.

Mizoch in mourning… We buried Taras Yakymchuk the Hero of Ukraine


Mizoch in mourning… We buried Taras Yakymchuk the Hero of Ukraine

Taras gave his life for Ukraine, for peace for each of us.

We rejoice at the sun, but it don’t shine for Tara’s mother.

Сitizen of Mizoch and all Ukrainians bow down to his mother for the Son-Hero.

Taras was a soldier by vocation. He was in the ATO zone since the first days of operation. He and his brethren exempted the seized towns and displayed the national flags there. In his heart weren’t hatred or anger, but only the desire to liberate the Motherland from the occupants and to get home alive. He understood that if he do not defend Ukraine in the East, it will be necessary to fight for it in Zdolbuniv region. He couldn’t let that happen. Because his relatives, friends, girlfriend live there. He was special forces soldier and had special assignments in the most dangerous places. He was careful, but did not hide from the bullets. He never complained and faithfully fulfils his military work as Warrior and Defender should be. Taras had many hobbies in the peaceful life. He expressed the preference for Cossack martial arts. This activity was the most suitable for his essence. Vasyl Venherskyi, the head of the Cossack Martial Arts Club “Spas”, recalls his student: “Taras was one of my first students and stayed him to the end. The Cossack martial art “Spas” was its element, he lived for it. Almost no competitions and school camps were spent without his participation during the whole period of training. He showed his perseverance, endurance and courage in the competitions. The tougher loads get, the more he likes it. Taras had a high sense of dignity and honor, because of it he was not afraid to meet face to face with with the enemy, even knowing in advance that he will lose the fight. To show superiority over the weaker was unacceptable for him. But were inherent to him not only these features. He was responsible and hard-working, always smiling and optimistic. He assisted the younger students in developing techniques of fighting when they needed it. Taras could be counted, knowing that he won’t let us down. He was a role model for his clubmates of “Spas” and friends. He will be remembered as a great person. ”

Teachers of the Mizoch school also have good memories of Taras. His class teacher Alla Miller said about him, as about pupil: ” I flip through scrapbook “Prom-2011” again and looking for photos where is Taras. Here he smiles and here trying to be earnest… He had a good sense of humour, never sad and well made jokes.  He very amusingly commented some complex stories that happened in our class. All pupils were laughing at it and I didn’t want to punish anyone. This child was full of energy and movement, and his optimism was just amazing. The boy was adamant when it came to choosing a profession: “I will be a soldier!”. Classmates could not imagine him in another business. He also added: “Someone has to protect you.” Taras often repeated that he would be a peacemaker. “You will see me in the very hot spots of our planet!” Who’d have thought that this “hot spot” will be in Ukraine, and he will die here, protecting the native land. When I talked to him after the first year of study, it became clear that he was pleased with his choice of profession. Taras had spoken animatedly how interesting it is to jump with a parachute, run 15 km in the woods, and endure others test of the body and spirit. He was proud that when 50 people could not bear such a load, he stood and was ready to go further.

At school I tried to dissuade him from choose a military profession. But when I saw that he’s in his spot, I realized that one of these guys were supposed to defend our land. Taras could be a good friend. It was interesting, cozy and safe next to him. We all loved him very much … Taras dreamed of being a hero. Whole Mizoch came to see Taras to his final journey. His coworkers and people of other human settlements of Rivne region also were. High-ranking officials and district officials came to pay final respects to Hero. I recall with pain the words of his trainer in the cemetery: “There was no one like him at hand-to-hand combat….”. Exactly.Taras took prize-winning places in international and all-Ukrainian competitions on Cossack martial art. He was handed certificates of merit and other honors for these achievements annually. He was our pride. But he was killed by a sleazy Russian hitman. Among my videos I found a film, made with Taras.  I watched it several times… It’s painful to realize that this energetic and always optimistic guy is no longer with us. Only in memory … Forever …

Heroes do not die!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Heroes!

Glory to Taras Yakymchuk!

I bow my head in respectful memory

of Hero of Ukraine Taras Yakimchuk


Taras Yakymchuk (09.06.1993 – 07.24.2014)