Ярошенко Андрій Вікторович (21.12.1982-11.06.2015)

Andrii was born in 1982 in the town of Zdolbuniv. He graduated from Zdolbuniv Secondary School №4, resided in the town of Zdolbuniv and worked on the railway.

Andrii served in the 55th Artillery Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was a member of Zdolbuniv “Sotnia” of self-defense. Despite the warning of doctors, Andrii filed a claim and on March 10, 2015, voluntarily went to fight in the East.

According to the spokesman of ATO staff, on June 10, 2015. in the area of the village of Luhanske, Donetsk Oblast the weapons serviceman died as a result of misconduct with weapons.  In accordance with other information, Andrii died after the training of shooting at the ground. Andrii left his mother and an 11-years old son.

Andrii Yaroschenko was held in his last journey

Andrii will forever stay in our memory as a super-positive and cheerful man. It seemed like the nature itself pined for the lost son of Ukraine. There were heavy rains in Zdolbunivshchyna during two days when people met and held in the last journey Andrii Yaroschenko, the brave Ukrainian warrior who defended the motherland as a volunteer. But not only nature grieves for the Hero.

On Monday, 15 June a lot of people came to say goodbye to the compatriot. However probably because of changes in funeral schedule many people came to БКЦ(local house of culture) or even were late because they did not know that owing to hot weather conditions they would bid farewell to Andrii earlier and only in a church. Officials from Self-Defence organization of Netishyn who are in close partnership with Self-Defence sotnia of Zdolbuniv came to share a tragedy, support the family and sworn brothers of the soldier. There were also members of Rivne Region Union of Veterans and people from ATO. It was regrettable that there were no representatives from Andrii’s military unit. Comrades from Self-Defence sotnia of Zdolbuniv recal the deceased with trepidation and unspeakable sorrow. “He was highly intelligent, faithful patriot of the country. He always had his own opinion which he could indisputably argue. This is a great loss to us.” – said Olena Smirnova, a treasurer of civil organization.

“Andrii was go-better. For a long time he was refused to enter the forces but he did everything to serve as a volunteer. We will never have enough such boys as Andrii, – noted Yurii Schmendel Zdolbuniv company’s commander. Eternal memory to the Hero. Rest in peace my friend…”














Andrii Yaroshenko (12.21.1982 – 06.11.2015)