Andrii Melnyk (12.03.1979 – 01.29.2015)

Andrii Melnyk was born on December 3, 1979, in the village of Oleksandriia in a family of workers. He had an older brother and a sister. Andrii was growing up as a sociable and non-confrontational boy. From 1986 to 1997, he was studying in Oleksandriia Comprehensive School.  Before joining the army, he worked as a tractor driver at a local collective farm. After serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andrii worked in different spheres of production. He got married and had a daughter. On September 28, 2014, Andrii was mobilized into the Armed Forces.

In the Zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation Andrii held the rank of a senior sergeant. Moreover, he was a driver mechanic of the 13th Mechanized Infantry Battalion in the 1st Tank Brigade (previously the 13th Battalion of Territory Protection (BTP) Chernihiv – 1). His old tank, which had no interior communication, Andrii named “Maliusinkyi” (“Tiny”). The comrades called Andrii “The American” because of his military uniform from the USA.… Читати далі

Leonid D. Herasymchuk


A new heroic milestone began in the biography of Leonid Herasymchuk with the onset of hostilities in the east of Ukraine. In the summer of 2014, he was sent to the ATO zone as a member of mine clearance group, where he had to taste a bitter cup of war. At that time the army was only learning to fight. A group of Dubno sappers, including Leonid Herasymchuk, was attached to the airborne assault brigade and together they went through the flash points of the war. Leonid participated in the hottest battles. He stormed Savur Mohyla hill and raided in the rear of Russian occupation troops in the Donbass. Later a movie about this legendary raid in the enemy’s rear was filmed. While the raid, Leonid was seriously injured in the neck near the suburbs of Stepanivka and Miusinsk, where bitter hostilities were held.… Читати далі

Oleksandr Boiko (15.01.1977–12.02.2015)

Oleksandr Boiko was born on January 15, 1977 in the village of Klevan, Rivne Region in the family of workers. He graduated from Klevan secondary school No. 2. He was interested in technology and photography since childhood.

He worked at the following enterprises: Klevan Woodworking Factory, Zorya Greenhouses, State Forestry and Limited Liability Company KOLOR S.I.M. He worked as a specialist in measuring instruments and automation.

He was mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in August 2014. He served in the 93rd Brigade. He was a sergeant and the senior gunner of the 4th mortar crew of mortar batteries.

On February 12, 2015, during a mortar shelling by illegal armed forces near the village of Vodyane, Yasinuvatskyi District in Donetsk Region, he received a fragmented wound and died.

The hero’s wife, son and daughter now have to live without him.

On February 18, he was buried in the local cemetery of his native village.

By Decree of the President of Ukraine No.… Читати далі

Oleksii Bohuslavski (18.07.1980–16.06.2015)

Oleksii Bohuslavskyi was born on July18, 1980 in the city of Penza, Russia.

He started his military career in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 1997 and served in various positions. He graduated from the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (Kyiv) in 1997.

Although the superior officer of the administrative department of Operational Command West (OC West) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was born in Russia, he had lived his entire life in Ukraine and considered it to be his native land. Oleksii defended his Motherland from Russian occupants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone (ATO zone) for 100 days.

As a major, he had performed different combat assignments for a long time until he caught a severe form of pneumonia. Long-term treatment did not help. On June 16, 2015 he died in the military hospital in the city of Lviv.

His wife and two children had to live on without their father and husband.

On 17 June he was buried at the Alley of Heroes, “Nove” Cemetery of the city.… Читати далі

Yurii Bilous (02.25.1962 – 01.27.2017)

Yurii M. Bilous was born on February 25, 1962, in the town of Dubrovytsia. He finished Dubrovytsia Vocational School number 6 in 1980. On July 12, 2016, the Recruiting Station of the town of Dubrovytsia called him up for the contract-based military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The serviceman perished on January 26 in the Anti-Terrorist Operation area at the military base camp of the village of Raihorodka, Novoaidarivsk raion, Luhansk oblast. According to the official information, Yurii Bilous died of a fatal injury caused by a bullet of an enemy sniper. He died a month before his 55 anniversary.

The deceased left an elderly mother, a wife, two sons and a little granddaughter.

The warrior was buried at the municipal cemetery of the town of Dubrovytsia.… Читати далі

Oleksandr Andriiashev (08.25.1986 – 08.19.2017)

Oleksandr Andriiashev was born on September 25, 1986 in Rivne City.

He was an active participant of Revolution of Dignity and spent 5 months at the Euromaidan in Kyiv.

Right after the Maidan, Oleksandr was enlisted in Aidar Battalion as an “Afgan” company machine-gunner. He gained his battle experience right there as he had never served in the army before. On August 12, 2014 he went to the battlefield for the first time. Oleksandr fought in battles near Luhansk airport (Khriashchuvate, Novosvitlivka) where he was shell-shocked.

After one year he went out of the service. He became a volunteer and constantly was taking voluntary trips to the front line. Oleksandr was a head of NGO “Anti-Terrorism Operation (ATO), Ukrainian Military Organisation (UMO) and field action participants union of Rivne City”. He worked and studied at the same time. In 2016 Oleksandr graduated from National University of Water and Environmental Engineering. He was specialized in ecology.

Oleksandr drowned in the Dnipro River during Aidar Battalion Afgan company veterans’ time off in Hydropark in Kyiv on August 19, 2017.… Читати далі

Turyk Maksym V. (11.4.1981 – 7.7.2016)

Maksym Turyk was born on November 4, 1981. Maksym was called up for military service during the partial mobilization by the Volodymyretsk Joint Raion Military Commissariat on March 14, 2015. Being the serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation and defended the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.
Maksym served in ATO Zone on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. In March 2016, after a mandatory year of service due to mobilization, he signed a short-term six-month contract.
On July 2, 2016, Maksym Turyk was hospitalized in Kharkiv Military Hospital, where he died on July 7.
The serviceman was buried at Starorafalivskyi Cemetery.
He left his mother and a sister.… Читати далі

Tarasiuk Serhii K.(08.04.1988 – 11.12.2015)

Serhii Tarasiuk was born on September 4, 1988, in the town of Kuznetsovsk.  Serhii grew up in the city of atomic scientists in a poor family. He studied at Kuznetsovsk Secondary School № 5. Serhii loved life, was cheerful, inflammatory, and restless. After graduating from school he studied at a driving school and got a specialty of a driver.

From 2006 to 2007 Serhii served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In March 2015, he went to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.  On November 8 a senior soldier Serhii Tarasiuk received severe injuries near the village of Slavne, Mariinskyi Raion, Donetsk Oblast and was hospitalized to Kharkiv Military Hospital. Citizens of Kuznietsovsk organized a fundraising for the salvation of their soldier. Unfortunately, Serhii died on November 12, 2015, in Kharkiv Military Hospital being still unconscious.

His life broke off quite early on the 28th year of his life. On November 14 the killed soldier of ATO, a senior soldier Serhii Tarasiuk was waited in Kuznietsovsk since 5 o’clock in the morning.… Читати далі

Serhii Holubiev (‘Pigeon’) (01.24.1979 – 03.11.2017)

Serhii Holubiev (a code name “Pigeon”) was born on January 24, 1979, in the city of Rivne. He went to the front voluntarily in the summer of 2014. Serhii was wounded, but after the treatment, he returned to the front line. He performed the duties of a platoon commander of the 1st Assault Troop in the 24th Assault Battalion Aidar of the 53rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade. Serhii was an outstanding warrior, calm, balanced, one of the best. He was a reliable person who supported and taught his comrades. Serhii was a trustworthy friend, a loving father, and husband.

The soldier died on March 11, 2017, while performing military duties in the territory of Donetsk Oblast.

The requiem, where the body of the deceased was carried across the main street of the city, took place at the Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection.

The defender of Ukraine was buried on the Alley of Heroes at the New Cemetery.

Serhii left a wife and two small children.… Читати далі

Oleksandr Vasiuk (08.29.1965-08.28.2016)

Oleksandr Vasiuk was born on August 29, 1965.  He joined the army as a volunteer, and in July 2015, he was mobilized.  After a month of training at the Yavoriv military training ground, Oleksandr served in the 54th independent mechanized brigade. He held the military rank of a senior soldier.

As a result of shelling in the ATO near the town of Bahmut, Donetsk Region, on August 19, 2016, Oleksandr was wounded and taken to the hospital in the city of Dnipro with the burns of over 70 % of his body.  Oleksandr was in a critical condition but remained conscious. He died on the eve of his 51st birthday on August 28, in the Dnipro Burn and Plastic Surgery Centre. The deceased had a wife and a son – a student Volodymyr.

The hero was paid last respects in the hall of the municipal community center and in the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin.

Due to his family’s decision, Oleksandr Vasiuk was buried in the neighborhood “Tynne” of the city of Rivne.… Читати далі